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5 Common Misconceptions About Bicep And Shoulder Training

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The world of health is huge and always evolving. With the expansion of the web and social media, there’s an inflow of knowledge accessible at our fingertips. But, this data explosion comes with its personal set of challenges, primarily, the unfold of myths and misconceptions. Bicep and shoulder coaching, specifically, are areas rife with myths that may inhibit progress, or worse, result in harm. 

On this submit, we’ll debunk a number of the most widespread misconceptions surrounding these muscle teams.

1. You Want To Raise Heavy To Construct Massive Biceps And Shoulders

When most individuals consider a bicep and shoulder exercise, they typically envision lifting the heaviest weights potential. Whereas lifting heavy will be efficient, it’s not the one method to construct muscle. What’s essential is muscle rigidity and fatigue, which will be achieved even with lighter weights. 

By specializing in sustaining correct type, growing your repetitions, and using strategies like drop units or gradual negatives, you’ll be able to stimulate muscle development successfully with out all the time resorting to heavy weights.

2. Isolating Every Head Of The Deltoid Is Pointless

The shoulder contains three deltoid muscle tissues: anterior (entrance), medial (center), and posterior (rear). A typical false impression is {that a} single shoulder train, like overhead presses, can goal all three adequately. 

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Whereas overhead presses primarily interact the anterior deltoid, neglecting the medial and posterior deltoids can result in imbalances and lack of fullness within the shoulder. Incorporating a mixture of workouts resembling lateral raises, face pulls, and entrance raises will guarantee a extra holistic and balanced shoulder improvement.

3. Bicep Curls Are The Solely Manner To Prepare Biceps

Though bicep curls are iconic within the realm of arm exercises, they’re not the be-all-end-all for bicep coaching. There are numerous different workouts like hammer curls, preacher curls, and chin-ups which goal the biceps from totally different angles and stimulate each the lengthy and quick heads of the muscle. Selection is the important thing to well-rounded improvement.

4. Shoulders Ought to Solely Be Educated As soon as A Week

This delusion might have originated from the concept that muscle tissues want time to get well. Whereas restoration is crucial, shoulders, being smaller muscle teams, can typically get well sooner than bigger ones just like the again or legs. 

For a lot of people, coaching shoulders twice per week will be useful, particularly in the event that they’re lagging behind in improvement. By adjusting quantity and depth, you will discover a stability that enables for optimum development with out overtraining.

5. Coaching Each On The Identical Day Is A Unhealthy Concept

Whereas many conventional exercise splits separate these muscle teams, there’s no onerous rule in opposition to coaching them collectively. The truth is, pairing biceps and shoulders will be environment friendly as they don’t immediately intrude with one another’s efficiency. 

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For instance, after an intense shoulder session, your biceps are nonetheless comparatively recent and will be educated successfully. Simply make sure you’re not overexerting and are giving every muscle group the eye it wants.

6. Extra Coaching Leads To Larger Muscular tissues

Whereas dedication is commendable, overtraining will be counterproductive. Muscular tissues develop throughout relaxation, not throughout exercises. Overworking your biceps and shoulders with out permitting ample restoration can result in fatigue, accidents, and hindered development. 

As a substitute, concentrate on high quality exercises and make sure you’re giving your muscle tissues ample time to heal and develop.

7. Solely Free Weights Are Efficient For Coaching

Whereas free weights, like dumbbells and barbells, are glorious instruments, they’re not the only real gamers within the recreation. Resistance bands, cable machines, and even body weight workouts will be extremely efficient for constructing each the biceps and the shoulders. 

The secret’s to make use of a wide range of instruments and strategies to maintain the muscle tissues challenged and stimulated.



Bicep and shoulder coaching is as a lot an artwork as it’s a science. As we proceed to study extra concerning the human physique and its response to train, it’s important to remain knowledgeable and adaptable. By busting these frequent myths, you’ll be able to method your exercises with a clearer perspective and make extra knowledgeable choices that can show you how to along with your exercise.

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