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8 health benefits of corn that make it a superfood worth having!

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Corn is a well-liked road meals, which isn’t solely tasty but additionally wholesome. Listed here are some advantages of consuming corn.

Whether or not itโ€™s your home or workplace, you will discover somebody promoting smoky bhuttas or corn throughout monsoon and winter seasons. The favored road meals is a tasty snack thatโ€™s filling and wholesome too. It’s wealthy in fiber, carbohydrates and protein. It additionally comprises nutritional vitamins A, B and C aside from important minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. So, the listing of well being advantages of corn shouldnโ€™t shock you!

What are the well being advantages of corn?

Corn is an efficient supply of important vitamins similar to fiber, nutritional vitamins and minerals, contributing to general well being and well-being, says dietician Ekta Singhwal.

Roasted corn
Corn has many well being advantages. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

1. Corn can enhance digestive well being

The fiber in corn helps in digestion and promotes bowel regularity. It might assist to stop constipation as effectively.

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2. Corn boosts coronary heart well being

Corn comprises antioxidants and should assist to decrease levels of cholesterol. Which means it may well scale back the chance of coronary heart illness, the knowledgeable tells Well being Pictures.

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3. Consuming corn may give you an vitality increase

The carbohydrates present in corn present a fast vitality increase. So, this makes it an acceptable alternative for lively individuals.

4. Improves eye well being

Corn comprises lutein and zeaxanthin, that are antioxidants wanted to assist eye well being. Attributable to these antioxidants, the chance of age-related macular degeneration could scale back.

5. Aids weight administration

The fibre content material in corn promotes a sense of fullness, making it a wholesome snack. This helps in weight administration by decreasing general calorie consumption. To know extra about the advantages of corn for weight reduction, click on right here!

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Raw corn
Corn is a wholesome snack. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Corn can enhance pores and skin well being

Since corn is a supply of antioxidants and nutritional vitamins, it helps to have wholesome pores and skin. It probably prevents indicators of ageing.

7. Corn offers immune assist

Nutritional vitamins like vitamin C in corn play a job in supporting the immune system, says Singhwal. This helps the physique to defend in opposition to diseases.

8. Reduces anemia danger

Corn comprises iron, which is crucial for stopping iron-deficiency anemia. It’s particularly necessary for individuals with low iron ranges.

What’s the healthiest technique to eat corn?

Whether or not itโ€™s a roasted or a steamed corn on the cob, there are numerous methods to eat it. However there are some issues to remember earlier than consuming corn.

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1. Keep away from processed corn

Corn is available in fancy tins too, however it’s more healthy to go for complete corn kernels over processed corn merchandise.

2. Select the appropriate mode of cooking

You possibly can steam, roast, grill or boil corn, and nonetheless it will likely be tasty. Simply donโ€™t fry corn in any other case it will likely be troublesome to retain the vitamins.

3. Wholesome seasoning

If you cease by a vendor, and ask for extra butter or chilli powder or salt, be conscious about your well being. Extreme butter and salt will not be good on your weight and coronary heart. Strive seasoning with herbs and spices as a substitute.

Are there any unwanted effects of consuming corn?

It’s best to get pleasure from corn as a part of a balanced weight loss plan and eat carefully, suggests dietitian Ekta Singhwal. You additionally want to contemplate particular person dietary wants and well being situations. For those who eat an excessive amount of corn, you would possibly expertise some unwanted effects.

1. Blood sugar spike

Since corn has quantity of starch, it may well enhance your blood sugar degree. So, individuals with diabetes must be extra cautious and eat much less corn.

2. Bloating

Fibre is sweet on your intestine well being, however an excessive amount of of it could trigger bloating or gasoline. It might make trigger these issues as a result of your physique is just not in a position to totally digest fiber.

3. Extra calorie

An excessive amount of corn can contribute to extra calorie consumption. Consuming too many energy is unhealthy information for individuals who are on a weight-loss journey.

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4. Allergy

There could also be a uncommon case of corn allergy, says Singhwal. That will trigger adversarial reactions like pink and itchy pores and skin bumps, vomiting, diarrhea or runny nostril.

For those who love consuming corn throughout winter, donโ€™t really feel responsible about it. Simply be sure to will not be consuming corn in extra.

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