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8 legit reasons to wash your hands before sex!

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If you end up along with your associate, washing fingers earlier than intercourse might be the very last thing on thoughts. However hand-washing earlier than intercourse is necessary.

Hygiene ought to be an intrinsic a part of on a regular basis life, particularly your intercourse life! Vaginal and penile hygiene are sometimes confused upon by well being consultants, however hand hygiene can also be an necessary side to observe secure intercourse. In any case, foreplay and sexual activity may contain fingering. It’s a pleasurable sexual act that entails your associate utilizing fingers to stimulate your vagina. Equally, girls could fondle their associate’s sexual organs. However think about doing this with soiled fingers and fingers? Learn on to know why ought to is it necessary to clean fingers earlier than intercourse is necessary.

Why do you have to wash fingers earlier than intercourse?

Washing fingers earlier than intercourse won’t be essentially the most romantic factor to do, however it’s as necessary as utilizing a condom for numerous causes.

A couple engaging in foreplay
Washing fingers earlier than intercourse is necessary. Picture courtesy: Freepik

1. Hygiene

Clear fingers assist to stop the switch of micro organism and germs. This good hygiene behavior can scale back the danger of getting infections, says gynaecologist and obstetrician Dr Pratibha Singhal.

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2. Prevention of UTIs

Soiled fingers could introduce micro organism into the urinary tract. This will increase the chance of getting urinary tract infections (UTIs).

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3. Reduces irritation

Typically residual substances similar to fragrances or chemical compounds from lotions or different cosmetics get left behind in fingers. They will trigger irritation to personal elements. So, washing fingers with a light cleaning soap is best.

4. Minimises allergic reactions

Hand residues could comprise allergens that may set off antagonistic reactions similar to redness or burning sensation in some people. It may possibly principally impression vaginal well being, says the professional.

5. Avoids cross-contamination

Clear fingers forestall the switch of varied substances from different physique elements or surfaces. These may be dangerous to vaginal well being.

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6. Promotes intimacy

Good hygiene fosters a way of cleanliness and luxury amongst romantic companions. It enhances the general intimate expertise.

7. Prevents odour

Washing fingers helps to get rid of potential sources of disagreeable odours. It contributes to a extra satisfying sexual expertise.

8. Normal well-being

Training hand hygiene is a basic side of general well being. It helps a clear and secure atmosphere for intimate actions, says the professional.

Washing hands with water
Wash fingers with a light cleaning soap and clear water earlier than intercourse. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

What’s the right strategy to wash fingers?

Washing fingers wants water and cleaning soap, however there’s a right strategy to do it.

β€’ It begins with clear and working water, which it’s best to use to moist your fingers totally.
β€’ Ensure the soaps cowl all of the areas of your fingers.
β€’ Rub your fingers collectively to create a superb lather. Guarantee to cowl the backs of your fingers, between your fingers and underneath your nails. Do it for no less than 20 seconds.
β€’ Rinse your fingers effectively underneath working water, permitting the cleaning soap to clean away.

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After washing fingers, dry them utilizing a clear towel or air dryer. If utilizing a towel, guarantee it’s not damp, as moisture can harbour micro organism, says Dr Singhal.

What are different methods to take care of sexual hygiene?

Sexual hygiene is essential to keep away from infections. Right here’s what to do:

β€’ Schedule common check-ups with a healthcare skilled to observe and handle any sexual well being considerations.
β€’ Preserve good private hygiene by showering frequently, washing genital areas with gentle cleaning soap and conserving nails trimmed.
β€’ Overtly talk with associate about sexual well being, preferences and any considerations.
β€’ Drink an ample quantity of water to assist general well being and well-being, together with urinary and sexual perform.
β€’ Use light, fragrance-free merchandise on genital areas to keep away from irritation.
β€’ Trim your pubic hair.
β€’ Should you expertise any discomfort, uncommon signs or suspect an an infection, search immediate medical consideration.

Similar to you have to not neglect to make use of a condom, ensure you and your associate wash fingers earlier than intercourse!

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