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A Dermatologist and a Gynecologist Explain Why Heavy Periods Impact Hair Health—And How To Cope

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Last 12 months, I used to be chatting with a brand new stylist about my targets to revive my boring hair and velocity up development, which felt very stagnant. It got here up that I might lately had a fibroid (which has since been eliminated) that brought on bleeding so heavy that I wanted a blood transfusion. She famous that my dry, slow-to-grow strands may very well be linked to the blood loss, and that after I acquired it underneath management, I’d see a change in my hair. I tapped a dermatologist and an OB-GYN to verify, and it seems she was completely proper—there is a huge connection between heavy intervals, hair loss, and slowed hair development. 

Heavy menstrual bleeding (outlined by the Mayo Clinic as soaking by means of a number of pads or tampons each hour for a number of consecutive hours) could cause iron-deficiency anemia. And iron is required to make hemoglobin, which is what oxygen sticks to so it may be transported all through the physique. And hair follicles want oxygen to thrive.

“The whole lot in your physique requires oxygen, so in case you have a deficiency in hemoglobin to hold oxygen, your physique is wise and it’ll ship oxygen to essentially the most obligatory elements,” says Jessica Shepherd, MD, a board-certified OB-GYN in Dallas, Texas. “Your main organs want oxygen extra, so you are going to have a scarcity of oxygen going to your hair follicles, and that is whenever you would possibly see a lower in hair development or improve in hair loss.”

Heavy menstrual bleeding might be the results of fibroids, hormone imbalances like PCOS, endometriosis, and extra. Crucial factor you are able to do is get to the basis of the issue. “If it is an iron deficiency situation, some folks would possibly want a blood transfusion, some folks can take iron dietary supplements,” says Dr. Shepherd, who can also be chief medical officer at Verywell Well being. As you replenish the iron, you possibly can work along with your physician to determine methods to cease the heavy bleeding—exploring every thing from hormonal contraception to surgical procedure.

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Within the meantime, Dina Strachan, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York Metropolis, says there are issues you are able to do to advertise hair development, like attempting hair-wellness dietary supplements.

“I contemplate these extra like altering the soil,” says Dr. Strachan. For instance, in case you have a plant with a fungal an infection, you possibly can deal with the an infection but additionally give it some new nutrient-rich soil. “You deal with the fungal an infection, however giving it good vitamin additionally helps as effectively,” she provides. The identical goes to your hair—you must deal with the basis trigger, however including in some further vitamins may also help issues alongside.”

Jessica Cho, MD, an integrative drugs physician and hair restoration specialist, provides that whereas these dietary supplements may also help revive the strands you do have—they will not make new hair develop. “Hair nutritional vitamins are going to handle the hair shaft issues just like the hair texture, brittleness, and dryness—they will truly make the hair enriched and shinier,” says Dr. Cho. “When persons are utilizing collagen, peptides, Nutrafol ($88), hair nutritional vitamins and all that conditioning, it’s extra to your hair shaft of current hairs.” For development, you possibly can strive medical choices, like an over-the-counter minoxidil answer ($47), or prescriptions like Finasteride or oral minoxidil.

You too can discover at-home scalp-stimulating methods like microneedling and LED remedy that enhance scalp circulation and thus the stream of oxygen and vitamins. Moreover, there are in-office remedies like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, however as a result of PRP makes use of your blood, it will possibly solely be efficient in case you have wholesome, oxygen-and-nutrient-rich blood. “PRP might be inconsistent as a result of it’s depending on the standard of the platelets of the person, or the expansion elements of their platelets,” says Dr. Strachan. “I see plenty of sufferers who’ve already had PRP, and it wasn’t profitable.”

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Crucial factor you are able to do is figure along with your physician to find out and deal with the basis reason behind your bleeding. That manner, you possibly can preserve your blood depend at a stage the place your physique would not should resolve between sending oxygen to your organs or your scalp—there will likely be sufficient blood to go round.

“That is one thing that positively might be restored,” says Dr. Shepherd. “It does take time as a result of hair development occurs in phases. However first, it is about discovering an answer and ensuring we’re working in direction of reducing the bleeding, after which ensuring that we’re serving to restore the hair in the easiest way attainable, that is wholesome. Nevertheless it does take time.”

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