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Coffee Flower Tea Is a Super Source of Anti-Inflammatory Flavonoids (and It’s Completely Jitter-Free)

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Ironically, feeling torn between the 2 most magical morning drinks—espresso and tea—is exhausting. As a substitute of letting the ache of indecision (ahem) steep, brew your self the very best of each worlds: espresso flower tea.

Whether or not you’re attempting to chop again on caffeine consumption otherwise you merely need one thing extra subdued in taste, espresso flower tea could turn into your new drink of alternative.

What’s espresso flower tea?

In accordance with Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen’s new e book, However First, Espresso, turning espresso flowers—that are “fragrant and distinct, with notes of jasmine and honeysuckle” and develop on espresso timber—into tea is among the smartest methods to scale back your espresso consumption-related waste.

“Like cascara [a beverage made from coffee cherry husks], espresso flower water makes use of a generally discarded a part of the espresso plant,” Michelman and Carlsen say. “A sort of natural tisane made utilizing scorching water and occasional flowers has been identified for hundreds of years in coffee-growing communities.” In an effort to put together the tea, espresso flowers are first sun-dried on raised beds. Then, you may steep them as you’d a great tea or natural tisane.

The well being advantages of consuming espresso flower tea are bountiful, BTW 

In accordance with Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, LD, CLEC, CPT, a registered dietitian primarily based in Charleston, consuming espresso flower tea has some advantages. “It’s wealthy in antioxidants equivalent to flavonoids, it helps fight oxidative stress, and reduces irritation within the physique,” Manaker says. “The tea can also present a chilled impact, decreasing nervousness and selling leisure. Moreover, its antibacterial properties can help in oral well being.”

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Regardless of these potential advantages, Manaker says it’s all the time advisable to devour it moderately and seek the advice of a healthcare skilled for customized recommendation on the right way to introduce it to your food plan.

“[Coffee flower tea] is wealthy in antioxidants equivalent to flavonoids, which helps fight oxidative stress and scale back irritation within the physique. The tea can also present a chilled impact, decreasing nervousness and selling leisure.” —Lauren Manaker, MS, RD

Espresso flower tea vs. common ol’ espresso

Though they could sound like closely-related siblings, they’re extra akin to shut cousins. “Whereas espresso flower tea and conventional espresso come from the identical plant, they differ considerably by way of caffeine content material, taste, and well being advantages,” Manaker says. For starters, natural drink received’t set off caffeine-induced jitters. “In contrast to common espresso, which is excessive in caffeine, the tea comprises little to no caffeine, making it a wonderful choice for these seeking to scale back their caffeine consumption,” she says.

“In contrast to common espresso, which is excessive in caffeine, the tea comprises little to no caffeine, making it a wonderful choice for these seeking to scale back their caffeine consumption.”

Then, by way of taste, the tea is rather more subdued than, say, a double shot of darkish roast brew. “The flavour profile of the 2 additionally varies. Espresso flower tea is famous for its gentle, floral style, in distinction to the sturdy, full-bodied taste of espresso,” Manaker says.

Lastly, the well being advantages are totally different between the 2, and the tea might even possess a number of extra attractive qualities than its counterpart. “By way of well being advantages, each drinks are wealthy in antioxidants, however espresso flower tea is alleged to supply a broader vary of advantages, equivalent to bettering blood sugar regulation and possessing antibacterial properties, however extra knowledge is required to substantiate this,” Manaker says.

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Who shouldn’t drink espresso flower tea?

Earlier than introducing this beverage into your morning ritual, it’s essential to notice that it might not be appropriate for everybody. “Individuals with an allergy to the espresso plant may probably react to espresso flower tea. Plus, these with a sensitivity to crops within the Rubiaceae household ought to abstain because of the threat of cross-reactivity,” Manaker says. She additionally cautions that pregnant and breastfeeding folks must be cautious and seek the advice of with a healthcare skilled earlier than consuming the tea, as there’s restricted analysis on the tea’s results in these cases. “People with persistent well being situations or these at the moment taking any remedy ought to search medical recommendation earlier than introducing espresso flower tea into their food plan, because it may work together with sure medicine or exacerbate present well being points.”

coffee flower tea
Photograph: Zachary Carlsen

Learn how to make espresso flower tea recipe

Yields 1 medium pot of tea

4 grams (1 teaspoon) dried espresso flowers
220 milliliters (not fairly 1 cup) water heated to 176°F (80°C), which is simply earlier than boiling

1. Begin along with your favourite teapot, glass server, or sizable brewing vessel. A small Chemex works nice right here if that’s your choice.

2. Pour the recent water over the espresso flowers and begin a timer set for 2 minutes. Permit the flowers to steep the complete period of time, then decant the brewed tea out of your vessel—don’t over-steep the flowers.

Excerpted with permission from However First, Espresso by Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen © 2023. Revealed by Union Sq. & Co. Images © Zachary Carlsen

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A registered dietitian shares the advantages of consuming common ol’ espresso:

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