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Despite What TikTok Says, Hip Thrusts Won’t Impact Your Fertility, According to a Reproductive Endocrinologist

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Despite What TikTok Says, Hip Thrusts Won’t Impact Your Fertility, According to a Reproductive Endocrinologist
TikTokers say the darndest issues. Typically, the science backs up their eyebrow-raising developments, like that bitter sweet can provide you a pre-workout pump or DIY rosemary tea hairspray can curb hair thinning. And different occasions, they’re simply extra proof that we shouldn’t consider every part we see on-line.

The newest declare circulating TikTok? That doing hip thrusts within the gymnasium will decrease your probabilities of getting pregnant.

Though it’s not completely clear the place this concept originated, it’s been making the rounds, with some creators making cheeky movies about including extra weight to rejoice their child-free life-style. However earlier than you begin swapping your contraception capsules for hip thrusts, we spoke with a reproductive endocrinologist to suss out the science behind the daring claims.

Can pelvic hip thrusts trigger infertility?

If you happen to do hope to get pregnant someday, we’ve got excellent news: “There isn’t any recognized affiliation between this train and infertility,” says Lora Shahine, MD, reproductive endocrinologist and program director at Pacific NW Fertility in Seattle. Infertility is commonly the results of a mess of things starting from hormonal imbalances to reproductive tract abnormalities. It’s unlikely that any single train, together with pelvic hip thrusts, would result in infertility, she says.

Some commenters speculated that putting a heavy barbell in your pelvis could cause uterine prolapse, a situation the place the uterus drops down into the vaginal canal. However once more, Dr. Shahine says there probably isn’t something to fret about. With correct kind and when finished moderately, weighted pelvic hip thrusts are a secure train to include into your routine.

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Similar to any train, performing hip thrusts incorrectly can result in discomfort or damage. When organising your weighted hip thrusts, place the barbell within the crease of your hips and use a barbell pad if the strain in your hips is uncomfortable (it’ll additionally stop bruising in your hip bones).

And what in case you’re actively making an attempt to conceive? Must you lay off the hip thrusts simply to be secure?

“Normally when making an attempt to conceive, I like to recommend persevering with to train and transfer the physique—train could be very useful for bodily and psychological well being,” Dr. Shahine says.

However it’s greatest to keep away from extremes. Including on vital quantities of weight, dramatically growing your time within the gymnasium or drastically altering your exercise routine can throw off your hormones, alter your ovulation, and make it harder to get pregnant, she says. So in case your objective is conception, now most likely isn’t the time to push for that hip thrust PR or begin coaching for an ultramarathon.

Are you able to hip thrust whereas pregnant?

Dr. Shahine says there is no proof to recommend girls have to cease performing pelvic hip thrusts as soon as they’re pregnant, however it’s greatest to work with a private coach licensed in prenatal health who can recommend modifications to make the train extra snug because the trimesters progress.

As soon as your stomach turns into a much bigger issue (pun supposed), the barbell might not really feel as snug in your stomach. As a substitute, swap the barbell for a pair of dumbbells excessive in your quads or a resistance band.

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And whereas weighted hip thrusts might not be the key to heading off being pregnant, they are nonetheless some of the efficient workouts on the market for some severe glute beneficial properties. So carry on thrusting.

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