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Hojicha Tea: 6 reasons why this Japanese tea is a must-have

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Hojicha Tea: 6 reasons why this Japanese tea is a must-have

From digestive points to emphasize reduction, hojicha tea provides quite a few well being advantages. Right here’s why it is best to make it part of your each day routine.

You have to be accustomed to Matcha tea, which has gained immense reputation over the previous decade and for the appropriate causes! It’s wholesome, low in caffeine, and scrumptious. Nonetheless, it’s not the one Japanese tea that provides quite a few well being advantages. Hojicha tea is one other scrumptious Japanese tea that provides quite a few advantages. It’s a roasted and reddish-coloured tea that has a particular and savoury flavour. In the event you like making an attempt new Japanese meals and drinks, this tea may be the one for you. Know the advantages of hojicha tea and tips on how to put together it.

What’s hojicha tea?

Hojicha tea is a sort of Japanese inexperienced tea that’s distinctively roasted to provide it a novel flavour and aroma. In contrast to most inexperienced teas, that are steamed, hojicha tea undergoes a roasting course of that provides it a reddish-brown color to the leaves and a wealthy, toasty flavour.

The roasting course of reduces the caffeine content material of hojicha in comparison with different inexperienced teas, making it a well-liked selection for these searching for a milder choice. Hojicha usually has a nutty, barely candy style with earthy undertones, and its aroma is commonly described as heat and comforting.

Hojicha tea
Hojicha tea is nice in your well being. Picture courtesy: Adobe inventory

Hojicha could be loved sizzling or chilly and is usually served in Japanese households, eating places, and tea outlets. It’s additionally utilized in culinary functions, comparable to flavouring desserts or incorporating them into savoury dishes. General, hojicha provides a particular tea-drinking expertise appreciated by many for its distinctive flavour and soothing qualities.

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6 stunning advantages of hojicha tea

Hojicha tea, a standard Japanese inexperienced tea variant, is made by roasting sencha or bancha leaves over charcoal at excessive temperatures. This roasting course of distinguishes hojicha from different inexperienced teas and provides a number of distinctive well being advantages:

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1. Low in caffeine

“The roasting course of reduces the caffeine content material in hojicha, making it an appropriate choice for these seeking to scale back their caffeine consumption or for consumption later within the day with out disrupting sleep patterns,” based on Nutritionist Ruchika Jain.

2. Doesn’t include typical inexperienced tea style

Hojicha has a light, toasty flavour profile with nutty and caramel undertones, which appeals to those that desire a much less astringent or grassy style generally related to different inexperienced teas.

3. Wealthy in antioxidants

Like different inexperienced teas, hojicha accommodates antioxidants comparable to catechins and polyphenols. These assist defend cells from injury attributable to free radicals and promote total well being.

4. Retains stress at bay

Hojicha, like all different forms of Japanese inexperienced tea, accommodates l-theanine, which can have a calming impact on the central nervous system. The identical alpha mind waves which might be activated throughout meditation will also be stimulated by L-theanine. This reduces pressure and fosters a extra inventive, calm thoughts.

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5. Anti-ageing

Yet another advantage of hojicha is that vitamin C would possibly support in lightening the black patches that you could be develop as you age. Hojicha additionally accommodates vitamin C, which has been proven to delay the onset of wrinkles and step by step enhance pores and skin elasticity.

6. Aids in digestion

Some individuals discover that hojicha’s roasted flavour and decrease caffeine content material make it simpler on the abdomen in comparison with different inexperienced teas, probably aiding digestion and soothing gastrointestinal discomfort, says the knowledgeable.

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Tips on how to put together hojicha tea?

Hojicha is a soothing and comforting tea that doesn’t take very lengthy to organize. Right here’s an in depth information on tips on how to put together hojicha tea at dwelling.


  • Hojicha tea leaves (you’ll find them at Japanese grocery shops, specialty tea outlets, or on-line)
  • Filtered water
healthy tea
Right here’s a wholesome recipe to organize this tea. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory


1. Convey the filtered water to a boil in a tea kettle or pot.
2. Take about 1 to 1.5 teaspoons of hojicha leaves per 8 ounces of water. Modify based mostly in your style preferences and the way robust you need your tea to be.
3. Pour slightly sizzling water into your teapot or mug to preheat it. This step helps preserve the temperature of the water whereas steeping the tea.
4. Put the hojicha leaves into the teapot or infuser. You’ll be able to even add the leaves immediately should you’re utilizing a mug.
5. Now pour the recent water over the hojicha leaves. Cowl the teapot or mug with a lid or plate to maintain the warmth in. Set a timer for 3 to five minutes. Hojicha doesn’t grow to be bitter as simply as different inexperienced teas, so you may steep it for longer should you desire a stronger flavour.
6. As soon as the timer stops, take away the tea leaves from the water. In the event you use an infuser, merely take away it from the teapot. If not, pour the tea by way of a tea strainer into your teacup or mug.
7. Hojicha is finest loved sizzling, however you can too chill it and serve it over ice for a refreshing iced tea choice.
8. You’ll be able to drink it plain or add sweeteners like honey or sugar in order for you

Greatest time to drink hojicha tea

  • “Hojicha’s decrease caffeine content material makes it an appropriate choice for many who desire a gentler begin to the day. It may well present a lightweight enhance with out inflicting the jitters generally related to larger caffeine inexperienced teas,” says the knowledgeable.
  • Hojicha tea is a superb choice to drink after lunch. Its roasted flavour compliments snacks or a lightweight meal, and its decrease caffeine content material received’t intrude together with your sleep later within the night.
  • Hojicha is a perfect tea for the night attributable to its low caffeine ranges and soothing style. It may well function a comforting beverage earlier than bedtime and might even support leisure after a protracted day.
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Finally, one of the best time to drink Hojicha tea is dependent upon your private preferences and the way your physique responds to caffeine. It’s versatile sufficient to get pleasure from all through the day and is usually a pleasant addition to your tea rotation.

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Know one of the best time to drink hojicha tea! Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Are there any unintended effects of hojicha tea?

Hojicha tea is taken into account protected to eat and has fewer unintended effects in comparison with different forms of teas attributable to its low caffeine content material and gentle flavour. Nonetheless, like every meals or beverage, hojicha tea could have some potential unintended effects for sure people:

  • Whereas hojicha tea has decrease caffeine content material in comparison with different inexperienced teas, it nonetheless accommodates some caffeine. People who’re delicate to caffeine could expertise unintended effects comparable to jitteriness, insomnia, elevated coronary heart charge, or anxiousness.
  • Some individuals could expertise gastrointestinal discomfort comparable to an upset abdomen, acid reflux disorder, or nausea after consuming hojicha tea, particularly if consumed on an empty abdomen or in giant portions.
  • Though uncommon, some people could also be allergic to sure elements of hojicha tea, comparable to tea leaves or different components. Allergic reactions could embrace itching, hives, swelling, or problem respiration.
  • Like different teas, hojicha tea accommodates tannins, which can intrude with the absorption of iron from plant-based meals or iron dietary supplements. This might probably result in iron deficiency, particularly in people with low iron ranges or anemia.
  • Hojicha tea could work together with sure drugs, comparable to blood thinners, antidepressants, or drugs for coronary heart situations. It’s advisable to seek the advice of with a healthcare skilled should you undergo from underlying situations.

General, hojicha tea is taken into account protected for most individuals when consumed sparsely as a part of a balanced food regimen. Nonetheless, people with particular well being situations or sensitivities ought to train warning and seek the advice of with a healthcare supplier if crucial.

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