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How To Find Your G-Spot With Your Hand, According to a Sexologist

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I am accustomed to the G-spot, and I’ve discovered the best way to entry mine—however solely with the assistance of a intercourse toy. Now although, I am curious the best way to discover your G-spot together with your hand. Are you able to stroll me by way of the method? How will I do know if I’m going in too deep, and the way will I do know after I’ve discovered it?


You are not alone in being enthusiastically interested by G-spot exploration; as a sexologist, anytime I’ve led workshops or panels in regards to the G-spot, they promote out or overflow. I consider what makes this erogenous zone so thrilling to study is a widespread understanding of how game-changing it may be for one’s intercourse life, juxtaposed to an absence of expertise to confirm a lot from firsthand data.

And, certainly, it is nice firsthand data to have: Stimulating your G-spot can result in squirting, a sexual response that causes orgasm and gushes liquid (feminine ejaculate) out of your paraurethral or Skene’s glands, by way of the urethra. Individuals who squirt—which is completely different than vaginal secretions throughout arousal—describe it as an intense launch or full-body orgasm and might expertise distinctive, sexual wellness advantages. For only one instance, a 2013 examine discovered that 79 % of squirters and 90 % of their companions mentioned squirting enriched their intercourse life.

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With that in thoughts, I consider figuring out the best way to discover your G-spot together with your hand will be an empowering step in every particular person’s sexual journey. Listed here are frequent questions I obtain about G-spots that can assist you discover it by yourself.

1. Is it attainable to search out my G-spot with my hand?

Sure, it’s. Earlier than you begin, be certain that your arms are clear and your fingernails will not be sharp since you’re going to be inserting them into a really delicate space. It will also be useful to put a towel underneath you for straightforward cleanup. Begin off discovering a snug place that lets you sit up a bit with the intention to extra simply attain your vagina. Place your much less dominant hand in your decrease stomach, on prime of your uterus, to use mild stress. Along with your dominant hand slowly insert one or two fingers internally about one inch, curving your finger(s) in direction of your stomach button.

2. How will I do know if I’m going in too deep, and the way will I do know after I’ve discovered it?

It’s best to be aroused earlier than G-spot play in order that fluids are flowing properly in your pelvic space and the G-spot turns into extra pronounced and simpler to search out. You’ll know you have discovered the G-spot once you really feel a barely ridged or different-textured space about one inch contained in the vagina on the aspect going through your stomach button.

3. After I discover my G-spot how do I squirt?

As soon as you discover your G-spot, start stroking it together with your finger(s) till you hear a watery, swooshing sound. When it comes to motions, you must discover what works for you—some individuals want an up-and-down movement with two fingers somewhat than stroking with one. Whenever you really feel a fullness sensation, or like you must pee, attempt to mentally ‘let go’ and calm down your pelvis whilst you hold stimulating the G-spot with extra intense stress. You’ll be able to apply a bit extra stress in your stomach utilizing your different hand that can assist you attain the spot much more. It’s best to begin to really feel a dripping or squirting sensation shortly after, which might proceed for a number of seconds as you retain pulsing it with stress. Count on the fluid to be clear or milky with a slight gloss to it.

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4. If I squirt does that imply I peed?

Properly, it is difficult. Whenever you squirt, about two ounces of liquid that’s constructed up within the Skene’s gland exits the physique by way of the urethra. The liquid is made up of an enzyme known as prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) and should comprise some traces of urine (although that is nonetheless up for scientific debate). Most individuals, I discover, assume that is going to be embarrassing till it really occurs. Afterwards, most individuals inform me that they felt an intense sexual satisfaction and had been in a position to get a simple hygiene plan in place (e.g. waterproof sheets, use of a towel beneath, utilizing the bathe for one of these intercourse, and many others.).

5. What if I’m having bother discovering my G-spot, or I’m not in a position to squirt?

There are such a lot of methods to take pleasure in pleasure, and this is only one manner that won’t work to your physique proper now. Nonetheless, listed here are 4 sexual wellness hacks I’ve seen assist individuals higher take pleasure in G-spot play and enhance their possibilities of squirting with some apply:

  1. Attempt G-spot play when you’re ovulating and your intercourse drive is the very best of the month. That is normally two weeks after you begin menstruating.
  2. Attempt an arousal oil. Foreplay and increase your sexual vitality are underrated. Utilizing an arousal oil will help you get turned on and offers your pelvic space—together with your G-spot—extra blood circulate, which results in greater sensitivity to the touch.
  3. Attempt a G-spot vibrator designed with a slight curve or bump which will enable for a greater attain with plenty of lube. As with all inner toys, I solely suggest these made with medical-grade silicone and wish to remind of us to solely use water-based lubes and liquids with them.
  4. Strengthening your pelvic-floor muscle tissue might assist enhance your means to squirt. You’ll be able to strengthen your pelvic ground by doing kegels 5 minutes a day, both by yourself or with a bit extra steering from pelvic-floor coach instruments that assist you observe your progress.
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Lastly, it is vital to notice that G-spot stimulation might not be significantly pleasurable for everybody. If you happen to expertise ache whereas making an attempt, cease and discover solely what feels good to you. As a result of finally, erogenous stimulation of any kind ought to convey you pleasure that elements into your sexual wellness.


Properly+Good articles reference scientific, dependable, current, sturdy research to again up the data we share. You’ll be able to belief us alongside your wellness journey.

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