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How to Treat a Low Blood Sugar (Without Eating Everything in Sight)

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We’ve all been within the place of getting a nasty low blood sugar, the place all you need to do is eat every thing in sight. There’s no reasoning with your self. It’s like a demon has hijacked your self-control!

It makes excellent sense–your physique simply desires to get your blood sugar again as much as a protected stage, and it’s doing its finest to make sure that the low is corrected.

However consuming your weight in carbs is simply going to end in excessive blood sugar, after which you’re coping with the other drawback. What’s an individual with diabetes to do?

Woman eating glucose tabsWoman eating glucose tabs

To start with, repair the low. Get your blood glucose stage above 70 mg/dl (4 mmol/L).

It’s finest to make use of a dextrose-based remedy, like glucose tablets or gel, to get the BG as much as a protected stage. Utilizing one thing excessive glycemic index is essential when you’re very low and have to shortly increase the blood glucose, particularly in case you have plenty of insulin on board.

Watch out to deal with with the correct amount of carb, versus over-treating.

  • If you happen to weigh lower than 60 lbs, a gram of carb will increase your BG about 6 factors.
  • If you happen to weigh 100-160 lbs, a gram of carb ought to increase your BG about 4 factors.
  • If you happen to weigh 160-220 lbs, a gram of carb would possibly increase you 3 factors.

And provides the carbohydrates 15-20 minutes to lift the BG. Do a follow-up fingerstick as a result of there’s a lag time with CGM sensors, and the BG you get with a fingerstick will probably be a extra correct reflection of your response to your remedy. If you’re nonetheless low, repeat the remedy.

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I keep in mind a low the place I munched my manner via the pantry, and I uncared for to rely my carbs as I used to be doing it. I had completely no concept how a lot to bolus for! Boy, did I study my lesson.

I by no means did that once more – I’ve all the time made certain to carb rely and take insulin to cowl no matter I eat that’s in extra of what I wanted to do to manage the low blood glucose ranges. Typically expertise is the perfect trainer.

I used to be driving after I had the worst low I’ve ever had. Thank God I had glucose gel within the middle console and glucose tablets on my key chain. I used to be sucking down the gel as I used to be pulling off the street.

Ordinarily, I might have needed to eat (and eat and eat) after that. However I needed to sit in my automobile and look forward to my BG to come back up, so meals wasn’t available. And are you aware what? By the point I acquired house, the will to eat had handed! I used to be very stunned, nevertheless it did. That was lesson for me, too.

In case your blood glucose is rising and getting larger than you’d like after you’ve handled your low, you possibly can select to train and get your self away out of your tempting kitchen.

Take slightly stroll to make use of up a few of that meals you ate for the low BG and keep away from the necessity to take corrective insulin to deliver it down once more – vicious cycle, no?

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One other technique to keep away from overeating after a low? Enlist the assistance of the folks round you. Typically all of us want slightly help. Who is aware of, they could simply be prepared to sit down with you whilst you look forward to the low to come back up or they might go on that stroll with you.

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