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Menstrual cup vs tampon vs pads: Which period product offers better protection?

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Menstrual cup vs tampon vs pads: Confused about selecting which is best for you? Listed here are the professionals and cons of every you need to know.

As girls, everyone knows the struggles of menstruation – the cramps, temper swings, meals cravings, and the concern of leakage. It’s essential to keep up hygiene during times through the use of sanitary pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. There have been important developments in female hygiene merchandise, providing girls a spread of decisions. Whereas sanitary pads stay the popular alternative in India, rising choices like tampons and menstrual cups are gaining reputation. Nonetheless, youthful girls are more and more choosing tampons or menstrual cups. So, the query arises – which one is more practical: menstrual cup vs tampon vs pads? Listed here are the professionals and cons of menstrual cups, tampons, and pads.

Menstrual cup vs tampons vs pads: Execs and cons

Listed here are the professionals and cons of menstrual cups, tampons, and pads as defined by the gynecologist, Dr Anilasre Atluri.

What’s a menstrual cup?

It’s a versatile cone-shaped female hygiene product designed to be used throughout menstruation. In contrast to pads and Tampons, menstrual cups are used to gather the blood as an alternative of absorbing it. It’s inserted into the vagina and will be reused for years.

Execs of menstrual cup

1. Promotes low leakage

Menstrual cups have a low leakage fee when correctly inserted and sealed.

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2. Maintains pure pH steadiness

They don’t take up any micro organism and might’t upset your physique’s pure pH steadiness.

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3. Retains odour at bay

With menstrual cups, you gained’t have to fret about any type of odour.

4. Surroundings-friendly

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It’s an eco-friendly product and likewise generates much less waste.

5. Economically possible

You may need to spend just a little further on a menstrual cup initially, nevertheless it lasts you a very long time. So that you don’t want to fret about spending cash on menstrual merchandise from time to time.

Menstrual cup vs sanitary oad
Use the suitable interval product for your self. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Cons of menstrual cup

1. Removing is messy

Inserting a menstrual cup could appear simple, however eradicating it may be tough. You might take a while to grasp the way it works correctly.

2. Wants correct upkeep

It’s essential to rinse and clear the cup after elimination earlier than reassembling it. Furthermore, the cup must be sterilised both with sizzling water or a cleanser after each use. The cup could harbour micro organism if it isn’t correctly cleaned, which could probably trigger an sickness or trigger the silicone materials to interrupt down.

3. Potential match points

The menstrual cup just isn’t a β€œone dimension matches all” method so that you would possibly have to attempt just a few completely different varieties or sizes to see which one works greatest for you. Menstrual cups could trigger issues when you’ve got a lowered uterus or a low cervix.

What’s a tampon?

Tampons are disposable interval merchandise usually made of soppy, absorbent supplies, reminiscent of cotton, rayon, or a mix of each, and are cylindrical. Tampons are inserted into the vagina to soak up menstrual fluid straight from the supply.

Execs of tampon

1. Availability of dimension is straightforward

Most girls select to put on tampons moderately than sanitary pads. Tampons are available in quite a lot of sizes and absorbencies. Thus, you should utilize it for as much as 8 hours.

2. No visibility

It could be very awkward if a pad peeks by your underwear. However with tampons, you will be carefree about this downside.

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3. Prevents odour

Tampons have much less scent than pads or different exterior items since they’re inserted internally.

4. Permits swimming and different bodily actions

In distinction to pads, tampons mean you can swim whereas in your interval. Additionally it is attainable to play sports activities and partake in different strenuous actions as a result of they supply higher consolation than pads.

Tampons shouldn’t be used for an extended length. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Cons of tampon

1. Could improve poisonous shock syndrome threat

Tampons can improve the danger of TSS (Poisonous Shock Syndrome), so it’s necessary to make use of them in accordance with prompt directions to cut back this threat.

2. Will increase threat of infections

The physique could get infected or contaminated with micro organism on account of tampon residue or fibres. Tampons additionally will not be as efficient for individuals with particular medical considerations, together with vaginal infections or sensitivity, and so they could require the usage of different menstrual merchandise as an alternative.

3. Could also be uncomfortable

When utilizing tampons, some customers could really feel delicate or uncomfortable, particularly if the tampon just isn’t put appropriately or of the insufficient absorbency degree.

What’s a sanitary pad?

Sanitary pads are rectangular items of absorbent materials which can be caught to the panties to soak up menstrual circulate during times. They arrive in numerous sizes, must be modified typically, and are usually fabricated from layers of absorbent materials, together with cotton, rayon, and different artificial supplies.

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Execs of sanitary pad

1. No dangers of TSS

In comparison with tampons, sanitary pads haven’t any threat of TSS (Poisonous shock Syndrome) which suggests much less to fret about.

2. Straightforward to make use of

Sanitary pads are comparatively easy to utilise and don’t name for any specific strategies or skills. They keep in place whereas getting used due to their sticky aspect, which adheres to undergarments. Most people really feel that utilizing pads throughout their durations is less complicated, and they’re additionally a lot easier to make use of and get rid of.

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3. Avoids leakage for an extended length

To forestall discomfort, sanitary pads are made with a excessive degree of absorbency. There are tremendous lengthy pads, lengthy pads, thick pads, and tremendous skinny ones, girls have numerous choices with regards to carrying pads.

4. Simply obtainable

Ladies can simply get sanitary pads as a result of they’re available in most shops and pharmacy outlets.

Cons of the sanitary pad

1. Could really feel uncomfortable

Prolonged use of a pad could end in irritation, redness, and rashes. Moreover, it might hinder the motion of air to your vagina, elevating the potential of bacterial infections and pores and skin issues. Periodic sanitary pad use can sometimes trigger discomfort, notably if the pads usually are not modified frequently.

2. Limitations on motion

Sanitary pads can leak and make strolling uncomfortable, particularly when participating in strenuous exercise or train if they don’t seem to be changed on time.

3. Not eco-friendlyΒ 

Sanitary pads produce numerous waste, which results in landfills and takes a very long time to disintegrate as a result of every one can solely be used as soon as earlier than having to be disposed of. Nonetheless, the market is slowly seeing an increase in eco-friendly interval merchandise now.

How to decide on between menstrual cups, tampons, and pads?

Every possibility has its benefits and drawbacks, and what works greatest for one particular person could not work for one more. Nonetheless, the selection between menstrual cups, tampons, and pads is dependent upon particular person preferences. For those who favor a smaller, much less seen methodology and are okay with insertion, utilizing a tampon is ok. For those who favor the exterior methodology that doesn’t require insertion, it’s higher to make use of pads. For those who’re searching for an odourless reusable possibility, menstrual cups are the suitable female hygiene product to make use of as per comfort, wants, and way of life.

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