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Open Your Heart And Release Your Lower Back With Cobra Pose

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Get able to slither into the world of cobra pose, also referred to as bhujangasana in yoga. This is not simply one other yoga pose: It is your ticket to a stronger, extra versatile physique, and a coronary heart that is bursting with pleasure.

Cobra pose is a distinctively heart-opening yoga pose, that means it stretches and expands the chest space. On this complete information, we’ll delve into its variations, reveal alignment secrets and techniques, and present you why this full-body pose is an integral a part of your yoga follow.

Claire Mark, E-RYT-500, founding father of Claire Mark Wellness and a yoga instructor with over 20 years of expertise, loves cobra.

โ€œRelying on how excessive you raise your chest up from the bottom, cobra might be simply tailored for novices or reworked right into a difficult train for extra superior yogis,โ€ she says.

  • What’s cobra pose good for in yoga? Cobra is the go-to pose for rising hip extension mobility and stretching these cussed hip flexors. It may well enhance spinal stability and posture and even strengthen your glutes and core. This pose can particularly be useful to open your chest and offer you that metaphorical sense of coronary heart opening, which we may all use extra of (and feels so good).
  • How lengthy ought to I maintain cobra pose? If you’re flowing by means of a solar salutation, then maintain cobra for only one breath. If you’re making an attempt to get extra of a backbend, breathe within the pose for as much as 5 breath cycles.
  • What occurs if I do cobra pose day-after-day? How yoga modifications your physique relies on how typically you do it. With every day cobra follow, you may take pleasure in improved flexibility and your backbone and hips flexors might be extra supple. Additionally, you will discover elevated energy in your core and arms, and fewer rigidity in your chest and hips.
  • Why is cobra pose so arduous? In case you discover cobra pose to be difficult, itโ€™s probably as a result of deep backbend and arm energy requirement. However with follow, you may discover it will get simplerโ€”and your physique will thanks.

Cobra pose is greater than only a stretch; it is a celebration of your physique’s means to maneuver, bend, and thrive. So, unroll that mat, put in your favourite yoga pants, and let’s slither into the fantastic world of cobra pose.

Easy methods to do cobra pose

Let’s break it down into easy-to-follow steps. Whether or not you are a seasoned yogi or simply beginning your journey, here is learn how to lay the inspiration for this fan-favorite heart-opening pose.

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woman yoga teacher with long dark hair wearing bright purple leggings demonstrates how to do the cobra pose in yoga
Picture: Ingrid Yang

  1. Start by mendacity face down in your yoga mat, together with your brow resting on the bottom. Hold your legs prolonged and place your palms immediately beneath your shoulders.
  2. Scoop your elbows towards your physique and unfold your fingers broad. This creates a agency basis together with your palms on the mat.
  3. Press into your palms to raise your chest off the bottom, participating your belly muscle groups.
  4. Draw your shoulders down your again as you’re employed towards straightening your arms. It is completely positive to keep up a slight bend in your arms if it feels extra comfy to your again.
  5. Hold participating your belly muscle groups as you press firmly into your palms, utilizing your arm and core energy to raise your coronary heart up and draw your scapula down your again.
  6. Steadiness your head comfortably consistent with the curve of your backbone as you’re employed towards straightening your elbows with out hyperextending them.
  7. Whereas your pubic bone rests on the mat, raise it barely towards your chest to elongate the lumbar backbone.
  8. Keep in mind, it isn’t about how excessive you possibly can raise your chest; concentrate on the size and luxury of your backbone.
  9. Maintain this pose for as much as 5 breath cycles, permitting your physique to steadily ease into it.
  10. To launch, gently return to your stomach and switch one cheek to the mat.

Advantages of cobra pose

Cobra is not nearly bending backward, and doing it accurately can unlock a treasure chest of advantages.

Chest enlargement

โ€œCobra pose is outstanding in increasing the chest and broadening the house throughout the collarbones,โ€ Mark says. That is notably helpful for many who are inclined to hunch or spend intensive time sitting or working at a pc.

Hip mobility

Cobra pose provides a touch of hip extension to your routine, which may liberate your hip’s vary of movement. And as for these pesky, tight hip flexors? Cobra takes care of them by giving them a superb, much-needed stretch.

Improved posture

Cobra pose is a incredible solution to promote spinal extension. As you raise your chest and arch your again, you encourage a wholesome curvature within the backbone, which may counteract the consequences of slouching and sitting for lengthy durations.

Mark additionally factors out that, when practiced with much less weight within the palms, cobra pose strengthens your erectors (the muscle groups lining your backbone), serving to you to achieve higher posture.

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Cobra pose additionally encourages the elongation of your neck. By lifting your head and chest, you create house between the vertebrae in your neck, decreasing rigidity and selling higher posture.

Stronger glutes and hamstrings

With right kind, you are not simply bending in cobra pose; you are constructing energy in your hip extensors and knee flexors, powering up your decrease physique.

Stronger arms and core

Cobra pose engages the muscle groups in your arms, notably the triceps and deltoids, as you press into the mat to raise your chest. Common follow might help tone and strengthen your arm muscle groups.

And whereas cobra primarily targets the muscle groups in your again, it additionally prompts your core muscle groups. Participating your belly muscle groups as you raise your chest helps construct core energy and stability.

Enhanced respiration house

Mark emphasizes that increasing the chest in cobra pose additionally will increase respiration house within the lungs, enhancing respiratory operate.

Device for psychological well being

A yoga follow that features cobra pose is likely to be useful when you have melancholy: A small 2017 research1 confirmed that individuals skilled vital enchancment in melancholy signs after doing a twice-a-week, two-month-long yoga program that included cobra pose.

Precautions with cobra pose

As we dive deeper into the cobra’s lair, let’s pause for a second to speak about precautions.

Being pregnant

Cobra can wait: In case you’ve acquired slightly one on the best way, it is best to skip cobra pose. The deep backbend won’t be the very best dance companion throughout being pregnant.

Again or wrist woes

In case you’ve acquired a historical past of again or wrist accidents, take into account giving cobra a cross or seek the advice of your yoga instructor for some personalised modifications.

Cobra vs. upward canine

Upward canine (urdhva mukha svanasana) is much like cobra however extra superior. Cobra pose includes a average backbend with the decrease physique grounded, making it pretty accessible for novices. In distinction, upward canine lifts the thighs and pelvis, with solely the palms and tops of the ft on the bottom, making a extra intense backbend that calls for higher energy and suppleness.

In case you’re in a vinyasa class the place upward canine is a part of the move, you possibly can substitute cobra and even child cobra to make it extra accessible.

Simply beginning out? Attempt child cobra

For one thing a bit gentler however simply as helpful, strive child cobra pose. It is like cobra’s enjoyable youthful sibling, right here to make your yoga follow a bit extra playful.

In case youโ€™re a yoga newbie or making an attempt out a brand new class or move, beginning with a child cobra is a superb place to start. As soon as you’re feeling comfy, you possibly can observe the detailed steps as outlined above for full cobra. Keep in mind to take it straightforward. There is not any rush in yoga; it is all concerning the journey.

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Easy methods to do child cobra pose in yoga

Child cobra presents a light stretch to your backbone and chest, together with some strengthening motion to your higher again. It is like a heat hug to your coronary heartโ€”smooth and alluring.

yoga teacher with long dark hair demonstrates how to do baby cobra in yoga on a mat
Picture: Ingrid Yang

  1. Begin similar to you’ll for normal cobra pose, mendacity face down together with your brow touching the mat. Your legs ought to be stretched out, and your palms planted proper beneath your shoulders.
  2. As a substitute of lifting your total chest, preserve your decrease ribcage comfortably on the mat. Your chest nonetheless lifts, however you do not go as excessive.
  3. Time to point out some like to your toes! Press the tops of your toes into the matโ€”it is like a mini-lift to your chest. You may really feel a delicate backbend in your higher again.
  4. Broaden these collarbones, as when you’re able to embrace the world. Hold your fingers grounded for stability and elegance.

Resting cobra: a restorative variation

a female yoga teacher with long dark hair shows how to do resting cobra, a restorative version of the cobra pose in yoga, using a bolster under her hips
Picture: Ingrid Yang

In distinction to the dynamic nature of the traditional cobra pose, the restorative variation presents a gentler, extra soothing expertise (like all the very best yin yoga poses), whereas nonetheless delivering the backbending advantages of cobra. It is excellent for days while you crave a extra relaxed yoga follow. This variation permits you to give up into the pose, inviting tranquility and peacefulness into your physique and thoughts. Keep in mind to breathe deeply.

  1. Start by mendacity face down in your yoga mat, together with your brow resting on the bottom. Lengthen your legs comfortably, and place your palms immediately beneath your shoulders.
  2. As a substitute of lifting your chest off the bottom as within the traditional cobra pose, preserve your decrease ribcage grounded. Which means your chest will gently rise, however you will not come up as excessive.
  3. Keep a relaxed and passive strategy together with your toes. You need not press them into the mat; as a substitute, allow them to relaxation naturally.
  4. Enable your chest to softly raise, making a delicate backbend in your higher again. Emphasize ease and luxury over depth.
  5. Broaden your collarbones as you raise your chest, fostering a way of openness within the entrance of your physique.
  6. Hold your fingers gently grounded on the mat, offering stability with out exertion.

Cobra pose is not only a yoga transfer; it is a journey into the center of your follow. Whether or not you are trying to flex your again, enhance your energy, or just embrace the enjoyment of heart-opening, bhujangasana has all of it. Keep in mind to hearken to your physique, follow safely, and seek the advice of a yoga teacher when you have any particular considerations.


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  1. Prathikanti, Sudha et al. โ€œTreating main melancholy with yoga: A potential, randomized, managed pilot trial.โ€ย PloS oneย vol. 12,3 e0173869. 16 Mar. 2017, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0173869

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