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Rough sex can lead to vaginal swelling: Here’s what you can do about it

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Vaginal swelling is a typical facet impact of getting tough intercourse. This is why it occurs and different causes of vaginal swelling you need to know.

For some, tough intercourse provides a little bit of a thrill to their sexual expertise. Whereas it may be enjoyable, tough intercourse might not be one of the best for the well being of your vagina. Since your vagina is a little bit of a fragile organ, tough intercourse can probably result in some unwanted effects, one which is extra frequent is vaginal swelling. That’s proper – having tough intercourse can result in vaginal swelling! That is the explanation why try to be a bit extra cautious earlier than getting tough along with your companion.

Tough intercourse can also be one of many the reason why some ladies expertise bleeding. Whereas a spot or two isn’t one thing to be too involved about, it’s essential head to a physician in case you expertise bleeding with vaginal swelling. In any case, vaginal swelling after intercourse isn’t one thing you’ll be able to ignore. So, scroll right down to know extra about this downside and how one can stop vaginal swelling.

Does tough intercourse trigger vaginal swelling?

Do you know tough sexual activity is without doubt one of the most typical causes of vaginal swelling? The pores and skin of the vagina could be very smooth and delicate, having tough intercourse, or having intercourse with out utilizing a lubricant creates extra friction, which might result in discomfort and swelling. A examine revealed within the journal CPC Emergency Drugs discovered that tough intercourse can result in vaginal tears, which might improve the danger of undesirable infections.

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Woman holds paper with sad smile above crotch
Vaginal swelling could be brought on by tough intercourse. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

In case you think tough intercourse is triggering any vaginal issues, both use a lubricant throughout intercourse or spend extra time in foreplay to keep away from it. If the issue persists, make sure that to seek the advice of your physician to keep away from these vaginal tears and infections.

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What causes vaginal swelling?

Tough intercourse isn’t the one reason behind vaginal swelling, listed below are among the causes it is best to look out for:

1. Allergic reactions

Sure allergic reactions may cause your vagina and vulva to swell. Vaginal contraceptives, physique lotions, soaps, lubricants, tampons, physique lotions, latex, condoms, and so forth. include chemical substances, which might react with the vaginal pores and skin and trigger swelling. Plus, in case you are beginning to use a brand new product, make sure that it doesn’t include components that would set off a vaginal an infection. Since they’re the delicate components of your physique, you must be additional cautious to keep away from this downside and infections as properly.

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2. Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis happens when the micro organism ranges, required to maintain the vaginal wholesome, are out of steadiness. It could actually trigger ache and discomfort within the vagina. Whereas it might occur to anybody, it’s extra frequent in sexually energetic ladies. Actions akin to unprotected intercourse and douching can improve the danger of creating this downside. Vaginal swelling, discharge, vaginal odour, itching, and burning throughout urination are frequent signs of bacterial vaginosis.

3. Vaginal irritation

Even in case you don’t have an allergy, the physique can react to sure merchandise that may trigger vaginal irritation. A whole lot of it has to do with the type of merchandise you employ. Detergents, physique perfumes, physique lotions and washes, bathroom paper, and extra such merchandise may cause vaginal irritation. All of those include particular varieties of chemical substances, which might trigger vaginal and vulvar swelling.

4. Yeast an infection

A yeast an infection is a fungal an infection brought on by the overgrowth of candida fungal species in an intimate space. On this situation, many different signs together with vaginal swelling, burning sensation, redness, ache throughout intercourse and passing urine, pores and skin irritation, and thick discharge could be seen.

5. Sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections may cause irritation within the cervix, known as cervicitis. It could actually result in signs akin to swelling, insufferable ache throughout intercourse, bleeding throughout the menstrual cycle, and modifications within the color and scent of the discharge.

6. Being pregnant

In case of being pregnant, swelling could also be seen within the vagina. Because the fetus grows, extra weight falls in your pelvis. It additionally places stress on the encircling muscle tissues and blood vessels, and this will trigger vaginal irritation. In case you are experiencing irritation or itching together with swelling throughout being pregnant, it’s essential seek the advice of a physician instantly.

Pregnant woman
Being pregnant may also result in vaginal swelling. Picture courtesy: Freepik

How is vaginal swelling handled?

The therapy of vaginal swelling is determined by its trigger. If that is occurring because of an an infection, you’ll have to get correct therapy for the an infection. You will need to decide the reason for the issue in order that the physician can assess and deal with it. Right here’s how every of those causes must be handled:

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1. Micro organism vaginosis: You will need to preserve the pH steadiness of the vagina to beat back this downside.
2. Allergic response: You must give additional consideration to vaginal hygiene and the type of merchandise you’re utilizing. It is best to select merchandise which are appropriate for you.
3. Vaginal irritation: It is best to keep away from scented merchandise akin to pads, tampons, and different merchandise. Keep away from making use of a moisturiser, or lotion to the world.
4. Sexually transmitted illnesses: That is an umbrella time period for lots of various illnesses. So, your physician will make a correct analysis and determine the therapy in response to the situation that has affected you.
5. Being pregnant: In case of being pregnant, it’s essential seek the advice of along with your physician to keep away from any issues.

How one can stop vaginal swelling?

Listed below are some frequent methods that may provide help to stop vaginal swelling:

1. All the time wipe from entrance to again after utilizing the bathroom to keep away from the danger of infections.
2. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, so all it’s essential do is clear the outer layer to make use of a gentle and fragrance-free cleaning soap.
3. Use a tissue or a smooth cotton towel to dry your vagina.
4. Put on cotton underwear to restrict the danger of an infection and let the vagina get some contemporary air.
5. Keep away from washing the insides of your vagina as it might disturb its pure pH steadiness, growing the danger of infections.

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