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Staying in AC for long hours in the summer? Know its likely side effects

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Air conditioners absolutely are nice strategy to escape the scorching warmth exterior. Nevertheless, there are uncomfortable side effects of air con on well being. Get to learn about them.

Air con (AC) items are broadly used for consolation in severely scorching and humid locations. Folks flip to ACs to protect themselves from high-heat publicity, and keep cool within the heatwave. Nevertheless, its extended use, particularly within the workplace house or in a single day at house, might have an effect on completely different elements of 1’s well being. The uncomfortable side effects of air con might embrace pores and skin and respiratory issues.

Unintended effects of air con on well being

Utilizing air conditioners can present much-needed escape from the warmth exterior. However it might additionally include its share of downsides. In accordance with doctor Dr Kiran R Dhake, right here’s how an excessive amount of AC can have an effect on well being.

side effects of air conditioning on health
Staying indoors in air conditioned areas persistently can result in respiratory points. Picture courtesy: Adobe inventory

1. Respiratory well being

Steady publicity to an air-conditioned surroundings can worsen the scientific discomfort of those that undergo from power respiratory sickness.

β€’ Dryness: AC items get rid of the moisture part from the air, which might result in dryness of the liner aka mucous membranes of the airway equipment, probably inflicting irritation and rising susceptibility to respiratory infections.

β€’ Allergic phenomenon: If the temperature-controlling system of AC items is just not correctly maintained, the chilly air might induce allergic signsβ€”runny nostril, sneezing, recurrent headache, and can also set off the narrowing of airways. Attributable to extraordinarily chilly air, AC items might grow to be breeding grounds for Mildew, mildew, and different allergens, aggravating signs in people with allergy symptoms or bronchial asthma, tells the knowledgeable.

β€’ Air bone illness transmission: Attributable to poor upkeep of AC items, marked modifications greater than 5 diploma Celsius, there’s a potential unfavorable consequence exerted on the respiratory system. This results in the circulation of varied viruses and micro organism leading to swelling of the small airways and exaggeration of the airborne illness.

β€’ Improvement and worsening of respiratory dysfunction: In wholesome people, publicity to air conditioners with chilly air gush may cause alterations within the respiratory airway lining, that, within the context of pre-existing circumstances akin to COPD/ bronchial bronchial asthma, can improve the chance of creating a respiratory sickness, tells the knowledgeable.

2. Pores and skin problems

Extra utilization of air conditioners can have a unfavorable affect on the pores and skin as properly. Listed here are some uncomfortable side effects of air conditioners on pores and skin:

β€’ Pores and skin dehydration: Air situation items are likely to take away moisturizer from the indoor surroundings indiscriminately resulting in a dehumidifying impact, pulling the moisturizer off the pores and skin resulting from mobile dehydration. This makes pores and skin dry, stretchy, and itchy.

β€’ Depleted oil manufacturing: The pure pores and skin oil that’s helpful to take care of pores and skin well being and texture, reduces inflicting toxins to stay over the pores and skin floor. Sweat manufacturing can be lowered resulting in boring and unhealthy pores and skin.

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β€’ Worsening of pores and skin problems: Continued dryness resulting from an especially air-conditioned surroundings can worsen pores and skin problems, akin to eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, and psoriasis.

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β€’ Untimely ageing of the pores and skin: Sustained publicity to air-conditioned local weather can result in untimely ageing of the pores and skin. Attributable to mobile dehydration, there’s a discount within the tissue elasticity resulting in creasing and wrinkling.

3. Eye problems

Attributable to lengthy hours spent within the air-conditioned local weather, the delicate a part of the physiqueβ€”the attention is probably the most affected.

β€’ Dryness of eyes: Attributable to chilly temperatures, the oil-producing eye gland’s perform decreases, leading to tear evaporation. This results in redness, itchiness, irritation, eye pressure and blurring of the imaginative and prescient.

β€’ Eye irritation: AC ducts are a web site for moulds, viruses, and bacterial inhabitation that results in eye swelling.

4. Dehydration

On account of depleted moisture ranges within the air as a result of air-conditioned surroundings, it tends to have an effect on the hydration ranges.

β€’ Headache: As dehydration units in and persists for comparatively lengthy hours, it might probably set off extreme episodes of headache.

β€’ Migraine: Repeated temperature alternation resulting from frequent transitions between the cool indoor surroundings and scorching outside temperatures may cause blood vessels to constrict and develop quickly triggering migraine kind of headache in sure people.

5. Sick constructing syndrome

Attributable to extended poor air high quality publicity inside enclosed house and varied different exterior environmental and non-environmental elements can induce sure units of signs. This phenomenon is termed Sick constructing syndrome, shares Dr Kiran R Dhake.

It contains non-specific signs akin to sore throat, issue in respiration, chest tightness, runny nostril, fatigue, issue in focus, forgetfulness, physique aches and nausea. The depth of the signs seems to be linked with the time spent within the enclosed house.

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side effects of air conditioning on health
Extended use of air con can lead sick constructing syndrome. Picture courtesy: Freepik

6. Joint and muscle aches

The colder surroundings for log time makes smooth tissue round joints to develop and it tends to limit the joint capabilities. This phenomenon causes ache that migrates into the muscle groups, resulting in extra tightening and spasms. This shall generate extra joint ache, says the knowledgeable. Chilly local weather is understood to exacerbate preexisting joint ailments – power arthritis.

7. Impact on cognition

Persistent air high quality degradation when it comes to extended publicity to a chilly surroundings might affect cognitive perform, affecting focus stage and the power to deal with duties.

8. Listening to impairment

Attributable to lack of moisture within the air in an air-conditioned surroundings, the liner layer of the nostril and center ear tends to lose moisture, thereby permitting micro organism and viruses to harbour and enter the nostril. As the center portion of the nostril is related to the ear through the small tube-like construction – referred to as the Eustachian tube, the micro organism from the nostril might enter the ear and should result in proliferation within the deeper areas of the ear, thus blocking the Eustachian tube, tells the knowledgeable. This shall result in decreased listening to or in sure people’ vertigo or ringing sensation within the ears, also referred to as tinnitus.

9. Immune system suppression

Persistent publicity to the uncontrolled temperature surroundings can have an effect on the immune system perform over the interval, and heighten the vulnerability of a person to develop an an infection repetitively.


Whereas air con presents loads of advantages from scorching and humid climate, it’s essential to recognise the potential adversities to bodily and psychological well being.
To decrease these results, it is suggested to conduct periodic upkeep of air con items, periodic monitoring of the air high quality, set up of air filters, guaranteeing correct air flow of the house, staying properly hydrated, and frequent breaks from the air-conditioned surroundings.

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