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Swollen Feet from Diabetes: Causes and Treatment Options

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Experiencing swollen toes once in a while is regular. 

Something from consuming an excessive amount of salt to experiencing hormonal adjustments could cause swelling in your extremities. 

Nevertheless, when you reside with diabetes, chances are you’ll be extra liable to swollen toes. This could be a signal of an underlying subject. 

However what causes swollen toes in case you have diabetes? And how are you going to deal with it? 

This text will clarify every part you have to learn about swollen toes and diabetes.

Woman with diabetes holding her swollen feetWoman with diabetes holding her swollen feet

What do swollen toes should do with diabetes?

For those who reside with diabetes, persistent excessive blood sugar ranges can have an effect on your blood circulation, inflicting fluid buildup in your decrease legs and toes. 

Over time, folks with diabetes can lose feeling of their toes and toes. 

In the event that they develop a foot an infection, it might be undetectable. 

This may trigger critical hurt if not handled, resulting in an uncontrolled an infection and swelling that can must be handled by a physician. 

It can be crucial for folks with diabetes to recurrently examine their toes for bruises, scrapes, cuts, and open sores and wounds. 

Swelling is also called edema. 

Edema can have an effect on your toes, ankles, and decrease legs. This will likely not solely be uncomfortable however can negatively have an effect on your high quality of life and be an indication that your diabetes could also be poorly managed.

What are the causes of swollen toes?

There are two fundamental causes of foot swelling in folks with diabetes, however many causes of swollen toes on the whole. 

Typically it may be an indication of a extra critical well being complication. 

Nevertheless, oftentimes, foot swelling is non permanent and will be handled at residence.

Poor circulation

Excessive blood sugars skilled over time can injury the liner of small blood vessels within the physique. 

This contributes to poor circulation—particularly in decrease extremities just like the decrease legs (calves), ankles, and toes. 

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Poor circulation results in edema or swelling. 


Foot infections in folks with diabetes are additionally a typical reason behind swelling and must be handled promptly by a physician to stop additional problems. 

Many instances folks with diabetes lose sensation of their toes as a result of neuropathy (nerve injury.) 

They might by chance step on overseas objects that get lodged within the foot for weeks or months with out discover. 

This may result in unintended foot infections, particularly when you’re not maintaining your toes clear and dry. 

This is the reason it is suggested that individuals with diabetes all the time put on clear socks and sneakers, particularly after they’re outdoors. 

Different causes of swelling 

You may as well have swollen toes when you don’t have diabetes. For instance:

  • For those who’re experiencing an an infection
  • For those who’re retaining water from consuming an excessive amount of salt 
  • For those who’re pregnant or obese
  • For those who’re taking sure drugs
  • In case you have an untreated sprain or fracture
  • If you’re experiencing hormonal points 

That is often non permanent and isn’t a risk to your well being. 

You may additionally expertise swollen toes in case you have diabetes, but it surely will not be as a result of diabetes. 

Swelling within the decrease extremities will not be all the time dangerous.

Nevertheless, contact your physician in case you have diabetes and also you’re experiencing swollen decrease legs, ankles, and/or toes for a number of weeks with out every other rationalization. 

Though uncommon, swelling can point out a coronary heart, liver, or kidney drawback. 

Ankles that swell at evening could be a signal of retaining water and salt as a result of right-sided coronary heart failure. 

Persistent kidney illness (CKD) may also trigger swelling within the ankle and foot. 

What are the signs of swollen toes?

Many individuals will be capable to inform they’re affected by edema based mostly on sight alone. 

Nevertheless, even average swelling of the foot or toes could trigger sneakers and socks to be tighter than regular. 

It might be troublesome to stroll, run, or train usually on a swollen foot, and typically it may possibly damage to take action. 

In case your swollen foot is because of an underlying an infection, your foot could also be flush and sizzling to the contact. 

Contact your physician in case your swollen toes are negatively affecting your high quality of life or when you assume you might have an an infection.

How do you deal with swollen toes from diabetes?

In case your swollen toes are the results of an an infection or open wound, your physician will probably prescribe antibiotics or different treatment to deal with the trigger and produce down the swelling. 

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Name your physician if it hurts to stroll otherwise you can not match on sneakers. 

Your swelling could also be as a result of an untreated fracture or sprain, which can want rapid consideration. 

Nevertheless, when you shouldn’t have any damaged bones or infections, the next cures could assist alleviate swelling, oftentimes at residence. 

Elevate your toes

You’ve got in all probability heard this suggestion earlier than, and it’s as a result of it really works! 

Elevate your toes above coronary heart stage all through the day to cut back swelling. 

It may be straightforward to raise your toes once you’re watching tv or studying. 

Swelling can go down shortly if carried out recurrently. 

Put on compression socks

Sporting compression socks will help alleviate the swelling. 

They assist promote blood circulation by placing the suitable quantity of stress in your calves, decrease legs, and toes.

It is very important put on compression socks in the course of the day and take away them earlier than mattress. 

Make certain that your compression socks aren’t too tight, or they will really prohibit blood circulation additional. 

You can begin with a lighter compression sock and work your manner up. 

Don’t put on compression socks over open wounds or infections. 

Drink water 

Many individuals expertise swollen toes as a result of they’re retaining water from consuming an excessive amount of sodium present in salty meals. 

Drink water to assist flush out your physique, cut back total irritation, and decrease swelling within the legs, ankles, and toes. 

Your physique additionally holds onto additional water when it’s dehydrated, so—although it appears counterintuitive—ingesting extra water will really lower swelling. 

Eat a lower-salt weight loss plan 

This goes hand-in-hand with ingesting extra water. 

Eat a lower-salt weight loss plan made up of entire, unprocessed meals like contemporary fruit and veggies, low-fat dairy, and lean protein to assist alleviate swelling and irritation. 

These meals are additionally greatest for individuals who reside with diabetes, so it’s a win-win! 

The U.S. Dietary Pointers for Individuals recommends not more than 2,300 mg. of sodium per day. For folks with diabetes and different persistent circumstances, it might be even much less. 

Seek the advice of along with your physician in regards to the acceptable quantity of day by day sodium you must goal for, particularly when you’re coping with persistent swelling. 

Train recurrently 

Train recurrently to get your coronary heart pumping and promote circulation. This in flip will alleviate swelling. 

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Begin with actions like strolling, jogging, operating, biking, or swimming. 

The Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC) recommends exercising not less than 150 minutes per week, or a median of not less than half-hour per day.

Train can also be wonderful when you reside with diabetes, because it helps to decrease blood sugar and HbA1c ranges, and hold extra weight off. 

Preserve your weight and lose extra weight 

Alleviate swelling by sustaining a wholesome weight. 

Sustaining your weight will help battle insulin resistance, making it simpler to take care of good blood sugar and A1C ranges. 

This will help forestall poor circulation and infections—the 2 fundamental causes of swelling in folks with diabetes. 

Dropping extra weight may also:

  • Reverse prediabetes 
  • Reduce joint ache 
  • Enhance your sleep and power 

It could actually additionally decrease your threat for heart problems and coronary heart assault that are main causes of dying for folks with diabetes. 

Run an Epsom salt soak bathtub

Run an Epsom salt bathtub to assist cut back swelling within the decrease legs, ankles, and toes. 

Epsom salt is a magnesium sulfate compound that helps cut back swelling and relieve achy joints and muscle ache. 

This may be the right option to settle in after an extended day of experiencing foot swelling. 

Simply be cautious in case you have diabetic neuropathy. Check the water temperature earlier than leaping in to be sure to don’t burn your self. 

How are you going to forestall swollen toes in case you have diabetes? 

You may forestall many situations of swollen toes by maintaining a detailed examine in your blood sugar ranges. 

This isn’t simply good for foot well being—it’s essential for coronary heart and kidney well being as effectively, particularly as you age. 

Moreover, you possibly can assist forestall infections by checking your toes recurrently for bruises, scratches, and open wounds. 

All the time hold your toes clear and dry and put on clear socks and sneakers, particularly once you’re outdoors. 

It’s useful to eat a low-sodium weight loss plan, drink loads of water, train recurrently, and keep your weight. 

It’s possible you’ll not be capable to forestall swollen toes on a regular basis, however following these methods will reduce down on how usually you expertise swollen toes! 

Are swollen toes thought of a diabetes complication? 

No, however they could be a facet impact of residing with diabetes. 

Moreover, chronically swollen toes could also be a symptom or indication of diabetes problems. 

These can embody nerve injury (neuropathy), slowly therapeutic wounds, or untreated infections. 

In worst-case situations, these can result in additional problems resembling lower-leg amputations. 

Get your toes checked recurrently by your physician in case you have diabetes and have been experiencing persistent swelling in your decrease legs, ankles, and toes. 

What’s the greatest residence treatment for swollen toes?

Stop swollen toes by staying hydrated, exercising recurrently, consuming a lower-salt weight loss plan, and sustaining wholesome blood sugar ranges. 

If you have already got swollen toes, there are nice at-home cures. Elevate your toes, take Epsom salt soaks, and put on compression socks for aid. 

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