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Total vs. Net Carbs for Diabetes

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Most individuals with diabetes should depend on counting carbohydrates after they eat meals to assist handle their blood sugar ranges. 

However that may turn out to be trickier when meals labels generally differentiate between “whole carbohydrates” and “internet carbohydrates”. 

What’s the distinction between these two forms of carbohydrates and which one do you have to use in your diabetes administration? 

This text will clarify what whole carbohydrates are, what internet carbohydrates are, and find out how to decide when to make use of every quantity. 

Woman holding carbohydratesWoman holding carbohydrates

Why is carbohydrate counting necessary? 

On the molecular stage, carbohydrates are damaged down into glucose within the bloodstream that solely insulin can break down and assist the physique’s cells to digest. 

In the event you stay with insulin-dependent diabetes, counting carbohydrates will due to this fact assist inform your insulin dosage choices. 

In the event you stay with non-insulin-dependent diabetes, you could rely carbohydrates to raised calibrate oral diabetes remedy like Metformin, and even train, to assist handle blood sugar ranges. 

Since individuals with diabetes both wrestle to make sufficient insulin naturally or their our bodies make no insulin in any respect, ensuring one is conscious of the variety of carbohydrates in a meals that’s consumed is important to good well being and wellbeing. 

What are whole carbohydrates? 

Complete carbohydrates inform you absolutely the whole variety of carbohydrates a serving dimension of a given meals has. 

In the event you stay with diabetes, this additionally nominally tells you the way your blood sugar will likely be affected by a sure meals. The “whole” signifies that the quantity is comprised of 4 issues: 

  • Complete sugar – That is the overall grams of naturally occurring sugars which might be discovered within the serving dimension of a given meals
  • Added sugar – That is the overall grams of artificially added sugar which might be added through the processing of a sure meals (like dextrose or sucrose). Additionally generally discovered right here can be grams of sugar from desk sugar, honey, or agave nectar
  • Dietary fiber – Complete grams of fiber that can’t be damaged down simply by the GI tract of a human being 
  • Sugar alcohols – Complete grams of sugar alcohols. These are a kind of sugar (polyol) with a barely totally different chemical make-up than added sugar, resembling each sugar and alcohol. They’ve minimal results on blood sugars and are generally added to meals to present them a sweeter style, with out the added carbohydrates and energy. Examples of sugar alcohol embrace: xylitol, sorbitol, maltitol, and erythritol 
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Collectively, these 4 numbers comprise the overall variety of carbohydrates in a given serving dimension of a meals. 

Whereas that is a particularly useful means to determine how a meals will have an effect on your blood sugar, it doesn’t inform the entire story. 

What are internet carbohydrates? 

Internet carbohydrates symbolize the overall variety of carbohydrates that may really have an effect on blood sugar ranges. Typically they’re referred to as “digestible” and even “affect” carbs. 

Whereas there isn’t a official definition of the time period “internet carbohydrate”, for people who find themselves both consuming a low-carbohydrate weight loss plan or for whom counting carbohydrates is extraordinarily necessary (i.e. individuals with diabetes), you will need to know find out how to calculate this. 

Since naturally occurring fiber isn’t damaged down within the small gut, the carbohydrates that accompany this macronutrient don’t have an effect on blood sugar ranges. 

Moreover, subtracting sugar alcohols from a meals (sometimes they solely exist in processed meals) helps provide the internet carbohydrates as effectively, since they’re additionally not digested in the identical means a typical serving of sugar is. 

Research present that sugar alcohols don’t appear to have a significant affect on blood sugar ranges, however individuals’s particular person responses can differ. This is the reason sugar alcohols are generally added to “sugar-free” candies, ice cream, and bubble gum, though they’ll trigger bloating and GI discomfort. 

Sugar alcohols appear to solely be absorbed into the bloodstream briefly, after which exit the physique via urine, making their affect on blood sugars minimal. 

How do you calculate internet carbohydrates? 

To calculate internet carbohydrates, one would take the overall variety of carbohydrates and subtract each the overall variety of grams of fiber and the variety of grams of sugar alcohol.

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Nevertheless, since sugar alcohols can have an effect on blood sugar minimally, and everybody digests sugar alcohol in a different way, some individuals might favor to subtract solely half the variety of sugar alcohols for internet carbohydrates. 

Internet Carb = Complete Carbs – Fiber – Sugar Alcohols (or 50% of sugar alcohols) 

The ensuing quantity is the web variety of carbohydrates in a serving of meals, and for optimum blood sugar administration, one would rely that because the quantity to base insulin and/or oral diabetes remedy on. 

Mindy Nichols, RD, CDE says, “Internet carbs are solely estimations, as everybody’s digestive methods and bodily processes are totally different. Working together with your physician, experiment and see what works finest for you!” 

It’s necessary to notice that if you happen to stay in some nations exterior of the USA, the “whole carbohydrate” quantity already has the overall grams of fiber subtracted out, so there isn’t a have to do the equation. 

Professionals and cons of counting internet carbohydrates 

Counting internet carbohydrates is a superb method to fine-tune your diabetes administration, however it may not be for everybody. Listed below are some execs and cons of approaching this manner of consuming:


  • Consuming this manner promotes entire, unprocessed meals 
  • It incentivizes consuming extra fiber
  • Decreases threat for hypoglycemia 
  • It’s a much less restrictive means of consuming (can promote consuming extra fruit and different increased carbohydrate entire meals because of their excessive fiber content material) 


  • Is probably not appropriate for everybody’s consuming plan or diabetes remedy routine 
  • May end up in consuming a lot of “sugar-free” candies and treats that aren’t as wholesome (if the main target is just growing the variety of sugar alcohols and never fiber) 
  • Isn’t all the time 100% correct for dosing 
  • Meals labels aren’t all the time obtainable (as an illustration at household or buddy’s houses, and when out at a restaurant) 
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Lauren Plunkett, RDN, CDCES, creator of Kind One Willpower, encourages individuals with diabetes to extend their consumption of fiber-rich meals to boost insulin sensitivity, decrease irritation, and promote the microbiome for a wholesome physique and thoughts. 

“Everybody digests and absorbs meals in a different way. This may rely upon age, the surroundings contained in the intestine, and exercise stage. No two stomachs are alike! Since we’re distinctive digesters, it’s necessary to find out which meals sources of fiber are most suitable with our system and blood sugar targets, whether or not or not we select to subtract fiber grams from whole carbohydrates.” 


Realizing each the overall variety of carbohydrates and the web variety of carbohydrates in a meals you’re consuming is necessary, particularly if you happen to stay with diabetes. 

Calculating the web carbohydrates of a meals can fine-tune each your remedy dosages in addition to your diabetes administration, leading to higher blood sugar ranges, decrease hba1c ranges, and an enchancment in high quality of life. 

Nevertheless, consuming for diabetes is just not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, and everybody’s experiences might differ. 

All the time discuss together with your physician earlier than making any modifications to your consuming and/or remedy administration plan.

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