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UTI after sex is common, but here’s how to avoid it

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UTI after intercourse is quite common and there are fundamental way of life adjustments and habits that one can undertake to keep away from this.

One night time of passionate intercourse can most of the time lead to every week of discomfort! Sure, we’re speaking about urinary tract infections and the way they’re extra widespread after intercourse. Getting UTI after intercourse is an annoying facet impact of intercourse and it’s best to attempt your greatest to keep away from it with the most effective hygiene practises..

Fundamental way of life adjustments and habits can result in you keep away from catching UTIs after intercourse. Well being Pictures obtained in contact with inner medication specialist Dr Suchismitha Rajamanya, who tells us why UTIs occur after intercourse and the way to keep away from them.

What’s UTI and why does it occur after intercourse?

UTI is an an infection that occurs in part of the urinary system. The widespread signs of UTI embrace stomach ache whereas passing urine, sensation of burning and a sense of eager to pee many times.

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A couple in bed
having a number of sexual companions and frequent intercourse improve the prospect of UTIs. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Whereas an enormous reason for UTI is holding your urine for lengthy, intercourse is one other widespread purpose for UTI. “Intercourse, particularly frequent intercourse, and utilizing of diaphragm-associated spermicide improve probabilities of UTI after intercourse. In regular people, most UTI-causing micro organism come within the urethra, and ascend to the bladder. Growing proof means that the alteration of the conventional vaginal flora, might predispose ladies’s vaginal opening to be contaminated with E. coli and different urinary infections. It’s potential that these pathogens could also be launched into the urinary system throughout intercourse,” explains Dr Rajamanya.

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The right way to forestall UTI after intercourse?

Whereas UTIs after intercourse are quite common, there are numerous steps that may be taken to scale back the danger.

1. Hydradation

Beneficiant fluid and water consumption of two to three litre per day is beneficial because it dilutes the urine and clears micro organism.

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2. Don’t use spermicide

Girls who use spermicide, a cream or gel that may cease sperm from attending to the egg, can go for an alternate type of contraception to scale back the destruction of regular vaginal flora.

3. Urinate earlier than and after intercourse

Early post-coital voiding of urine may also help flush out micro organism and cut back the prospect of an infection.

A woman maintaining intimate hygeine
It is very important keep hygeine to keep away from UTI. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

4. Be clear

Keep genital hygiene by wiping from entrance to again, earlier than and after intercourse. This additionally helps to keep away from contamination with micro organism from stools. You may also wash your genital space with heat water earlier than intercourse. This stops the micro organism from coming into the urethra.

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5. Cranberry dietary supplements

Taking cranberry dietary supplements may also help cut back the frequency of infections. This may additionally assist in curing it quicker.

Can cranberry juice be a foolproof resolution for UTI?

Do some individuals have a better danger of UTIs after intercourse than others?

Sure! In line with a analysis revealed in Sultan Qaboos College Medical Journal, ladies are at a better danger of catching UTI. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that males can’t get it. “Individuals who have a couple of sexual accomplice, or include a historical past of sexually transmitted infections, or ladies utilizing spermicide, and a historical past of renal stones or earlier urinary infections are at a better danger,” explains Dr Rajamanya.

What are the signs of UTI?

There are some signature signs of this an infection which can make it sure that you’ve got UTI. “Nevertheless, UTI can solely be confirmed by means of a urine routine and urine tradition,” says Dr Rajamanya.

1. Burning sensation whereas passing urine
2. Frequency of urine will increase
3. Blood in urine
4. Hesitancy, or poor movement in urine
5. Decrease stomach ache, fever, and chills.

The right way to deal with UTI at residence?

There are residence cures to deal with UTI as effectively that may be tried. It is strongly recommended to drink ample water and use paracetamol for fever management. “An alkalizing syrup akin to disodium citrate may also be thought of. This will increase the pH of urine and reduces bacterial progress and gives aid from burning sensation whereas passing urine,” explains Dr Rajamanya.

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When can I’ve intercourse after UTI?

All of it relies on how sick it makes you, actually! “It isn’t a good suggestion to have intercourse when your an infection is at its peak as it might probably trigger discomfort. It might additionally worsen the an infection. If the affected person is on remedy and symptomatically higher, there is no such thing as a contraindication to having intercourse. Submit-sex voiding of urine is beneficial,” says Dr Rajamanya.

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