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1000 Calorie Shake Recipe Without Protein Powder

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Comply with the step-by-step information for an amazingly balanced-taste 1000 calorie shake recipe with out protein powder.

Study 1000 Calorie Shake Recipe With out Protein Powder

Have you ever ever thought of why it is best to select this one out of 1000’s of 1000 calorie shake recipes? Allow us to begin with that first.

This 1000 calorie shake offers you 40g of web protein with out protein powder, simply as you need it.

It’s wont to show you to a particularly intense sweetness for minutes as a result of it accommodates no honey and will get its sweetness solely from bananas. Furthermore, as a result of we collide it with a few strawberries, it positive aspects a balanced style.

Whilst you get tens of grams of protein, it means that you can profit from the nutritional vitamins of milk, uncooked nuts, and contemporary fruits and is comprised of solely 6 simple components.

You’ll love the simple consuming of this shake, which is a good accompaniment to your workout routines.

Let’s skip to the step-by-step recipe to do this heavenly traditional model of the 1000 calorie shake recipe with out protein powder.

Calorie and Protein Values of 1000 Calorie Shake Elements

If you wish to reduce or add issues to the ingredient checklist and need to follow 1000 energy, it is best to know all of the calorie values one after the other. Right here is the calorie checklist of the 6 components individually:

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We used 2 cups of milk for this shake. The calorie worth of 1 cup of full-fat cow’s milk is 122.

2 cups of cow’s milk are 244 energy in whole.

As well as, 1 cup of cow’s milk brings 8g of protein, whereas 2 cups of milk we use contribute 16g of protein to this shake.


We included one and a half medium bananas on this shake.

1 medium banana is equal to 105 energy, whereas 1 and a half banana is 158 energy on common.

As well as, one and a half medium bananas add 1.9g of protein to your shake.


We added 7 giant strawberries to this shake, the place we used frozen strawberries.

Every giant strawberry provides 6 energy, whereas 7 giant strawberries present a median of 40 energy in your shake.

7 giant strawberries present 0.8g of protein in your shake. Though this can be a very low quantity of protein, they break the candy ratio of the shake and make it extra snug to drink.


1 cup of oats provides a complete of 307 energy to your shake.

It additionally provides 11g of protein to your shake.

Peanut Butter

Whereas 1 tbsp of unsweetened peanut butter equals 100 energy, the two tbsp peanut butter we use provides roughly 188 energy to your shake.

Plus, 2 tablespoons of unsweetened peanut butter supplies 8.3g of protein to your shake.

Uncooked Almonds

For this shake, we used 10 uncooked almonds for additional protein and crunchiness.

10 uncooked almonds equal 69 energy and add 2.5g of protein.

However you too can use high-protein nuts like cashews as a substitute of almonds.

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2 tbsp uncooked cashews, which you need to use as a substitute of uncooked almonds, add 3g of protein and 90 energy to your shake.

Prep Time
5 minutes

Whole Time
5 minutes


  • Milk (2 cups)
  • Banana (1 1/2, medium)
  • Strawberry (7, giant)
  • Oat (1 cup)
  • Peanut butter (2 tbsp)
  • Uncooked almond (10 nuts)


Slice the bananas and reduce the strawberries in half.

Put the fruit within the freezer and freeze it for half-hour.

Put all of the components within the blender till you get a clean consistency.

Add a number of ice cubes whereas placing the components within the blender for a colder model.

For the denser model, scale back the milk, and for the thinner model, you may improve the milk ratio or add a bit of water.

Vitamin Data



Serving Measurement


Quantity Per Serving
Energy 1006Whole Fats 38gInternet Carbohydrates 120gProtein 40g

Backside Line

You discovered the protein and calorie values of all of the components within the shake. Now, you may add or reduce components as you would like.

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