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Beer and Hard Seltzer: The Ultimate Diabetes-Friendly Guide

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Beer and Hard Seltzer: The Ultimate Diabetes-Friendly Guide

This content material initially appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission.

By Erin Davis

Beer is an alcoholic beverage that’s been loved for hundreds of years, whereas onerous seltzer is a well-liked low-carb drink that’s comparatively new on the scene. Right here’s every little thing you have to learn about beer and onerous seltzer in case you have diabetes.

Should you like beer, you’re not alone. In 2021, greater than 7 billion gallons of beer was consumed. And in the event you’ve observed the upsurge of White Claw bins lining liquor shops, it’s clear the onerous seltzer market is booming, too.

Whereas some relish the wide range of beers on the market, others are selecting spiked seltzers and different lower-carb options.

“At the moment, I’m noticing people gravitating in direction of low alcohol-by-volume beers and seltzers,” mentioned Christa Brown, a registered dietitian specializing in sort 2 diabetes administration. “A few of my sufferers need to take pleasure in a lightweight spritz with out all of the guilt and negative effects of a daily grownup beverage.”

All about beer: dietary details

There appears to be one million varieties of beer lately, however the course of of constructing this standard beverage is actually the identical. Beer is an alcoholic beverage made by the fermentation of grain and is often flavored with hops.

“Cereal grains similar to malted barley are transformed to sugars,” mentioned registered dietitian Lori FitzPatrick, who described the brewing course of. “Extra carbohydrates could also be added as starch or sugar adjuncts, similar to including oats to an oatmeal stout, rice to a rice lager, or lactose (milk sugar) to a milk stout or milkshake IPA.”

Naturally, these carbs matter and may simply add up.

“A lot of these sugars are fermented by yeast to make alcohol, however any residual sugars left after fermentation are included within the complete carbohydrate rely,” FitzPatrick defined.

Relating to selecting beer based mostly on diet, it may be tough. Conventional American-style lagers, like Budweiser and Coors, have commonplace substances and calorie counts. However craft beers probably won’t.

“Craft beers include all kinds of energy, carbohydrates, and alcohol,” FitzPatrick mentioned. Which means your glass of beer might have a very completely different nutrient profile than your barmate’s beer of selection.

“To make issues much more complicated, craft beers are supplied in many alternative volumes, and nutrient labeling will not be required for malt drinks,” FitzPatrick mentioned.

Nevertheless, the beer trade isn’t utterly off the hook.

“Should you declare your product is ‘gentle’, then you have to help that by together with diet info,” mentioned Dakota Soule who works at Higher Hand Brewery in Michigan. Usually, the decrease the ABV (alcohol by quantity), the decrease the calorie rely will likely be.

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“Most gentle beers have a decrease ABV, round 4.0-4.6%,” Soule mentioned.

Whether or not you like the hoppy and bitter style of an IPA or the wealthy and nutty taste of a porter, you’ll should be conscious of the way it will influence your blood sugars and well being objectives. Beneath, you’ll discover the calorie and carb rely averages for various kinds of beer.


Ale is a kind of beer fermented for a brief period of time at a heat temperature. A well-liked sort of beer amongst craft brewers, ales may be made in as brief as seven days. Listed below are a number of the commonest ales:

Indian pale ale

Vitamin per 12 oz. serving
Common energy: 170-240 kcals; Common complete carbohydrates: 11-20 grams; Common ABV: 5.0-8.0%

Indian pale ale (IPA) is brewed with extra hops, which supplies this fashion of beer its distinct bitter style. Rating excessive in recognition, IPA has extra energy and carbohydrates than different beers. As a result of its alcohol content material is a bit greater, there’s extra residual sugar and carbs.


Vitamin per 12 oz. serving
Common energy: 170-240 kcals; Common complete carbohydrates: 15-20 grams; Common ABV: 4.0-6.0%

A wealthy, darkish beer, porter is brewed with browned malted barley at a excessive temperature. The result’s a full-bodied, bitter-tasting beer liked for its creamy mouthfeel. Whereas this darkish beer could also be greater in energy than a lightweight brew, it’s wealthy in flavonoids, that are loaded with antioxidants.


Vitamin per 12 oz. serving
Common energy: 150-220 kcals; Common complete carbohydrates: 10-20 grams; Common ABV: 4.0-6.0%

Stout is a darkish beer that has a definite toasted taste as a result of roasted grains utilized within the brewing course of. It’s just like a porter however may be thicker and extra bitter. Once more, the calorie rely boils right down to the ABV. The better the ABV, the upper the energy and carbs.


Lager beer is fermented for longer durations at a low temperature. The largest beer producers within the U.S. make this sort of beer. Relating to selecting a beer for folks with diabetes, FitzPatrick prompt that lagers could also be a good selection.

“Lagers sometimes include much less carbohydrates and are additionally much less prone to have lengthy lists of added substances related to residual sugars,” she mentioned.

American fashion lager

Vitamin per 12 oz. serving
Common energy: 95-110 kcals; Common complete carbohydrates: 3-7 grams; Common ABV: 4.1-4.2%

The sort of beer is likely to be probably the most recognizable, having dominated the beer cooler lengthy earlier than the growth in craft brewing. Manufacturers like Miller, Coors, and Budweiser make gentle lagers which can be a number of the top-selling within the nation. Out of all beers, gentle lagers are the bottom in carbohydrates and energy.

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Vitamin per 12 oz. serving
Common energy: 95-160 kcals; Common complete carbohydrates: 9-17 grams; Common ABV: 4.5-5.0%

Originating within the Czech Republic, pilsner is a pale, golden lager. Beloved for its refreshing taste, pilsners are a preferred summer season beer. Due to its decrease ABV, pilsner is commonly decrease in energy and carbs than darker beers.

Gluten-free beer

Vitamin per 12 oz. serving
Common energy: 65-200 kcals; Common complete carbohydrates: 5-15 grams; Common ABV: 4.0-5.0%

Fortuitously, a rising variety of gluten-free beers can be found, offering an choice for many who have celiac illness or gluten intolerance. Gluten-free beer is brewed utilizing grains like rice, millet, buckwheat, corn, and sorghum.

There are additionally “gluten-removed” beers, that are created from gluten grains, however processed with gluten-digesting enzymes. Whereas this selection could also be superb for somebody with a slight intolerance, it wouldn’t be beneficial for somebody with a extreme gluten allergy or celiac illness.

What about onerous seltzer?

It’s inconceivable to enter the beer aisle and never discover the rising variety of onerous seltzer choices. Laborious seltzer is made with carbonated water, alcohol, and flavorings – typically fruit juice.

Registered dietitian Lena Bakovic defined why spiked seltzer might have extra enchantment.

“They are usually gluten-free as a result of they don’t include barley or wheat like beer.”

Take into account that despite the fact that onerous seltzers could also be marketed as low-carb, these merchandise nonetheless include alcohol. They might style gentle and refreshing, however like different alcohols, an excessive amount of onerous seltzer may very well be detrimental to your well being.

Research have discovered that heavy alcohol use can result in a number of well being issues together with liver illness, pancreatitis, and extra. As well as, alcohol can have an effect on your sleep high quality. Poor sleep not solely impacts blood sugar but additionally meals selections and general well being.

The onerous details

So, what do you have to search for in a tough seltzer? In the beginning, registered dietitian Amy Beney recommends trying on the diet details.

“Laborious seltzers similar to White Claw or Really’s are made with fermented cane sugar or corn, which is then mixed with glowing water and infused with fruit flavors,” Beney mentioned. “They might be sweetened with stevia, which doesn’t enhance glucose or insulin ranges.”

Low-carb onerous seltzer

Vitamin per 12 oz. serving
Common energy: 100 kcals; Common complete carbohydrates: 2 grams; Common ABV: 4.0-5.0%

Many spiked seltzers are made with no added sugar, making them a low-carb drink choice. You’ll know which manufacturers are low-carb by their labeling – it’s often prominently positioned on the packaging (although it’s nonetheless all the time a superb apply to test dietary labels, simply to be protected).

Whereas some seltzers provide only a refreshing trace of fruit taste, others use stevia and sugar substitutes for added sweetness. Most seltzers are gluten-free.

Vodka seltzer

Vitamin per 12 oz. serving
Common energy: 95-110 kcals; Common complete carbohydrates: 2 grams; Common ABV: 4.0-5.0%

Because the identify implies, vodka seltzer is made with carbonated water and vodka. Normally, there’s fruit juice or flavoring added. Usually, vodka seltzer is one other gluten-free various.

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Precautions for ingesting alcohol with diabetes

It’s beneficial that everybody eat alcohol sparsely, nevertheless it’s significantly important for folks with diabetes.

Right here’s why. Your liver, which prevents hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) by releasing glucose into the blood while you begin to get low, prioritizes processing alcohol. Alcohol may work together with sure drugs, together with ones that decrease blood sugar.

Because of this, you could expertise delayed hypoglycemia after ingesting alcohol, particularly in case you are on diabetes drugs or insulin.

“As a result of alcohol can affect glucose for as much as 12 hours and produce a possible hypoglycemic occasion, consultants often suggest testing blood sugars earlier than going to sleep,” Bakovic mentioned.

Suggestions for selecting beer or onerous seltzer

When you’ve got diabetes and need to savor a drink or two, listed below are a number of pointers for selecting what to sip:

  1. Don’t drink on an empty abdomen: Beney prompt consuming a snack earlier than ingesting. “I typically suggest one thing small, similar to Greek yogurt, fruit, greens, hard-boiled eggs, or the next fiber carb or protein snack. It could possibly forestall overeating and can make it much less probably to decide on higher-calorie or higher-fat meals objects on a menu.”
  2. Control your blood sugar: Since you are at better danger for low blood sugar after ingesting, ensure you are monitoring for hypoglycemia.
  3. Keep hydrated: Beney beneficial ingesting loads of water. “Ideally drink water all through the day or earlier than you permit. It’s possible you’ll be thirsty and drink extra alcohol than deliberate. Correct hydration standing may be necessary for blood sugar management, whether or not or not alcohol is consumed.”
  4. Search for the low-carb choice: “Beers with ‘low carb’ or ‘low calorie’ claims should meet extra labeling necessities and usually tend to checklist particular calorie and carbohydrate quantities,” mentioned FitzPatrick.
  5. Restrict your drinks: The American Diabetes Affiliation Requirements of Care recommends that ladies with diabetes eat no multiple drink per day, and males not more than two drinks. To maintain your ingesting reasonable, alternate your alcoholic drinks with water or mocktails. FitzPatrick additionally suggested conscious ingesting in the event you just like the higher-carb beers. “Ask for a smaller pour at a brewery or cut up a beer with a good friend to assist reasonable your consumption,” she mentioned.
  6. Select beers with decrease ABV: Usually, the decrease the ABV, the lighter on carbs and energy the drink will likely be. For a calorie rely, FitzPatrick prompt plugging the ABV and quantity of your favourite beer right into a commonplace drink calculator to see the way it stacks as much as one commonplace drink.
  7. Attempt a non-alcoholic various: “Think about attempting hop water or hop tea for a non-alcoholic approach to be hoppy and wholesome,” FitzPatrick mentioned. “However be conscious of non-alcoholic beers, as these typically include simply as many, if no more, carbs than commonplace beers to rival the style with out the alcohol.”

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