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Can birth control pills affect your sex drive?

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Are you taking contraception capsules to stop being pregnant? It might improve or lower your libido. This is how contraception capsules can have an effect on your intercourse drive.

Many ladies take contraception capsules, which is a type of hormonal contraception taken orally to stop being pregnant. They include two hormones, estrogen and progestin, or typically simply progestin. Contraception capsules are efficient in stopping being pregnant, however they could have an effect on ladies in some methods. For example, some could expertise temper swings, nervousness, or despair as a aspect impact of hormonal contraception. Their intercourse drive may additionally be affected. For some ladies, hormonal contraceptives could have a optimistic influence on libido, whereas for others, it might need a damaging affect. Learn on to learn how contraception capsules have an effect on your intercourse drive.

How do contraception capsules work?

Contraception capsules primarily work by modifying the hormonal steadiness in a ladyโ€™s physique to stop being pregnant, says obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Chetna Jain.

Right hereโ€™s a breakdown of how they work โ€“

1. Suppression of ovulation

Contraception capsules include hormones (estrogen and progestin or progestin alone) that suppress the pure hormonal indicators from the pituitary gland, stopping the discharge of an egg (ovulation) from the ovaries.

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Contraception capsules stands out as the cause behind low libido. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

2. Thickening of cervical mucus

The hormones in contraception capsules additionally trigger the cervical mucus to grow to be thicker. This thicker mucus makes it harder for sperm to journey by means of the cervix and attain the egg.

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3. Skinny uterine lining

Contraception capsules alter the liner of the uterus, making it much less receptive to a fertilised egg. If ovulation does happen and an egg is fertilised, the altered uterine lining makes it much less probably for the fertilised egg to implant and develop, explains the knowledgeable.

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By focusing on these key processes within the reproductive system, contraception capsules present a extremely efficient technique of stopping being pregnant when taken as directed.

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How does contraception capsules have an effect on intercourse drive?

The connection between contraception capsules and intercourse drive can fluctuate amongst people, and the results will not be universally predictable.

Right hereโ€™s what can occur โ€“

1. Elevated libido

Some ladies could expertise a rise in libido whereas taking contraception capsules. This might be as a result of stabilisation of hormonal ranges, discount in menstrual signs or an enchancment in temper, says Dr Jain.

2. Decreased libido

On the flip aspect, some ladies could discover a lower in libido as a aspect impact of hormonal contraception. This might be related to the hormonal adjustments induced by the contraceptive, which could have an effect on testosterone ranges โ€” the hormone linked to sexual want.

Realizing that being pregnant is much less probably can result in elevated sexual spontaneity and pleasure, positively influencing libido. However, considerations about potential unintended effects or adjustments in temper can have the other impact.

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Itโ€™s necessary to notice that particular person responses to contraception can fluctuate, and there are quite a few formulations of contraceptive capsules with totally different hormone combos. If a lady experiences adjustments in libido or sexual operate after beginning contraception, itโ€™s higher to debate these considerations with a gynaecologist. They will help perceive various contraceptive choices or alter the present prescription.

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There are lots of elements that contribute to low libido. Discover out right here. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

May different elements contribute to decreased libido?

Libido might be influenced by quite a lot of elements, and itโ€™s not often solely attributed to contraception. Listed here are another elements that may contribute to low libido โ€“

  • Excessive ranges of stress and fatigue can considerably influence sexual want.
  • Relationship dynamics, communication issues or unresolved conflicts can negatively have an effect on sexual want.
  • Circumstances corresponding to despair, nervousness or different psychological well being points can have a considerable influence on libido.
  • Past contraception, fluctuations in hormones on account of elements like being pregnant, breastfeeding or menopause can affect libido.
  • Poor eating regimen, lack of train, and unhealthy way of life habits can contribute to a lower in total well-being, affecting sexual want.
  • Sure medical situations, corresponding to hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, or power sicknesses, can influence libido.
  • Libido reduces with age. Components like hormonal adjustments and life stage transitions can affect sexual want.

Should youโ€™re involved a couple of lower in libido, open communication along with your gynaecologist is necessary to establish potential causes and discover acceptable options. They will help you discover whether or not contraception is a contributing issue or if different elements of your life and well being are influencing your intercourse drive.

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