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Dancer yoga pose: 7 benefits of Natarajasana and how to perform it

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The dancer yoga pose or Natarajasana strengthens the muscle mass of the chest, shoulders, and again. Right here’s how to do that pose.

Natarajasana, generally generally known as the Dancer Yoga Pose, is a sleek and difficult asana that embodies the sweetness and power of a dancing determine. This asana earns its identify from the Sanskrit phrases β€œNata,” that means dance, and β€œRaja,” that means king or lord. Translated because the Lord of the Dance Pose, it signifies the sweetness and charm of a celestial dancer, encapsulating the fluidity and expressiveness of dance inside the construction of a yoga pose.

That is an fascinating pose as a result of it affords a singular mix of bodily and psychological advantages. Natarajasana, or the Dancer Pose, is a standing stability pose that requires power, flexibility, and focus. The practitioner stands on one leg whereas holding the opposite leg behind the physique, resembling the pose of a dancing determine. This asana is a dynamic expression of stability, poise, and magnificence. Let’s discover out extra in regards to the intricacies of the dancer yoga pose and its potential advantages.

Dancer yoga pose
Doing dancer yoga pose can assist reap a number of well being advantages. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

What are the advantages of dancer yoga pose?

Yoga professional Dr Hansaji Yogendra explains all of the important advantages of a dancer yoga pose.

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1. Improves stability and focus

Natarajasana requires centered consideration, partaking the mind in stability management and focus, which helps enhance neuro-muscular coordination.

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2. Strengthens leg muscle mass

The standing leg bears the load of the physique, activating and strengthening the muscle mass within the thighs, calves, and ankles.

3. Enhances flexibility of the backbone

If you arch your again whereas performing Natarajasana, it promotes spinal flexibility, stretching, and firming of the muscle mass alongside the vertebral column.

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4. Opens the chest and shoulders

The lifted leg’s backward extension opens the chest and shoulders, bettering respiratory operate and selling higher posture.

5. Stimulates the belly organs

The balancing facet engages the core, stimulates belly organs and improves digestion.

6. Improves hip flexor flexibility

The lifted leg’s place stretches and strengthens the hip flexors, contributing to elevated flexibility and lowered stiffness.

7. Promotes emotional well-being

The sleek, expressive nature of Natarajasana can induce a way of pleasure and launch emotional stress, selling total psychological well-being.

How one can do the dancer yoga pose?

Right here’s a step-by-step option to do Natarajasana or dancer yoga pose:

  • Step 1: Stand straight along with your palms by your aspect.
  • Step 2: Shift your physique weight to 1 leg.
  • Step 3: Bend the knee of the opposite leg, bringing the heel towards the hips.
  • Step 4: Attain again with the corresponding hand and maintain the ankle.
  • Step 5: Inhale, carry the alternative arm upward.
  • Step 6: Maintain the lifted foot into the hand, extending the leg again and arching the backbone.
  • Step 7: Preserve stability whereas trying ahead.
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Widespread errors to keep away from

  • Overarching the again could pressure the decrease again, resulting in discomfort or harm.
  • Improper method could lead to a lack of stability and potential falls.
  • Placing an excessive amount of stress or improper alignment can put pressure on the knees and ankles.
  • Lifting the top too excessive could pressure the neck, resulting in discomfort.

Natarajasana imparts power and charm on the similar time. Each muscle within the leg – ft, ankles, thighs, and pelvis is stretched on this asana. There’s a light opening of the hips which releases any blocked vitality. It strengthens the muscle mass of the chest, shoulders, and again.

dancer yoga pose
Keep away from making errors if you wish to ace the dancer yoga pose. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Who ought to keep away from dancer yoga pose?

  • Sufferers with current or power accidents to the ankles, knees, or hips.
  • Pregnant ladies, particularly within the later levels of being pregnant.
  • These with excessive or low blood stress.
  • Sufferers with a historical past of coronary heart situations.
  • Individuals with vertigo or stability issues.

Bear in mind!

Natarajasana or dancer yoga pose must be carried out with Jnana Bhava. Bhavas are emotions to be generated every time you might be doing sure asanas. Jnana Bhava is about data, focus, and physique consciousness. Whereas practising Natarajasana, watch your self very carefully to know extra about your self. Attempt to achieve extra neuromuscular coordination and synchronise your muscle mass along with your thoughts, breath, and feelings. It is possible for you to to realize this with focus and a gradual practise of Natarajasana, says the professional.

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