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Super Tasty Diabetic Smoothie Recipes

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We’ve got introduced 5 diabetic smoothie recipes for you. You’ll love these formulation that not solely fulfill your candy cravings but additionally maintain you cheerful all day.

Take pleasure in: 5 Diabetic Smoothie Recipes

Get able to study formulation which can be nice to drink and really appropriate for diabetics. However it’s good to be reminded:

Seek the advice of your physician earlier than making a significant change in what you eat and drink for vital well being issues akin to diabetes.

1. Spinach-Berry Smoothie (1 Serving)

Spinach is likely one of the famous person meals in terms of diabetes (1) We’ve got made this darkish inexperienced leafy vegetable, which you’ll eat with a peace of thoughts, a part of this smoothie. 

Then we add berry, one of many savior fruits(2) 

And, we get some assist from half a banana to sweeten it up a bit. Do not forget that consuming it moderately is just not dangerous (3) For that reason, please observe the measurements within the components record.

Dietary Information

Energy: 119

Internet Carb: 15g

Whole Fats: 1g

Protein: 12g


Banana (0.4, small)

Blueberries (0.2 cups)

Spinach (0.3 cups, chopped)

Milk/Plain Greek yogurt (0.4 cups, fat-free)

Watch Diabetic Spinach-Berry Smoothie Recipe Video

Recipe – 2min prep time

Roughly chop the banana and spinach.

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Then put all of the components within the blender.

Mix till you get a easy consistency.

2. Ashwagandha Smoothie (1 Serving)

Embody Ashwagandha in your smoothie. As a result of along with its capability to combat diabetes, it additionally will be good for fluid retention(4)

Just a few teaspoons of Ashwagandha plus veggies. Are you able to think about a greater smoothie?

Dietary Information

Energy: 204

Internet Carb: 14g

Whole Fats: 15g

Protein: 2g


Additional virgin coconut oil (1 tbsp)

Ashwagandha (1 tsp)

Parsley (0.5 cups, chopped)

Blueberry (0.5 cups)

Almond milk (0.5 cups, unsweetened)

Lemon juice (2 tbsp)

Recipe – 2min prep time

Chop the parsley.

Then put all of the remaining components collectively.

Put them blender and mix till smoothie consistency.

3. Avocado Smoothie (1 Serving)

Neglect all of the myths about avocado about diabetes. Now, everybody is aware of that they don’t considerably have an effect on blood sugar ranges(5)

Whereas its low-carb content material makes it a super meals. You may take avocados with a excessive fiber content material as a pure medication to your physique.

You’ll additionally see an apple slice within the ingredient record. Don’t let this scare you.

As a result of it doesn’t matter what you eat, it is not going to have an effect on your blood sugar stage until the whole carb ratio is above 15g (6)

That’s why allow us to remind you one factor once more: Don’t exceed the ratios within the components record.

Dietary Information

Energy: 134

Internet Carb: 10g

Whole Fats: 6g

Protein: 7g

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Plain Greek yogurt (2 tbsp)

Avocado (0.2, medium)

Milk (0.4 cups, non-fat)

Inexperienced apple (0.2, medium)

Mint (10 leaves)

Recipe – 2min prep time

Chop the apple and ripe avocado.

Then put all of the components within the blender.

Mix for 30 seconds.

4. Berry-Ginger Smoothie (1 Serving)

Ginger which might regulate the blood sugar stage of your physique that helps to cut back diabetes, into play (7) we additionally add berries and contemporary mint to organize probably the most refreshing smoothie ever.

Dietary Information

Energy: 75

Internet Carb: 9g

Whole Fats: 0g

Protein: 5g


Kefir (0.5 cups, skimmed)

Strawberries (4, medium)

Blueberries (5 berries)

Blackberries (3 berries)

Ginger root (0.5 tbsp, chopped)

Mint (10 leaves)

Recipe – 5min prep time

Completely wash all berries, then dry in a salad spinner.

Lower the contemporary ginger, which you’ve gotten peeled, thinly into small items.

Divide the strawberries into 4 equal components.

Put the fat-free kefir, chopped strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries within the blender together with the ginger items.

Add mint leaves.

Mix all of the components briefly within the blender till they’re barely lumpy.

Tip: If you want, you possibly can dilute the smoothie by including ice cubes to the blender.

Advice: If you do not need so as to add ice cubes, you need to use the components after they’ve cooled.

5. Cinnamon Smoothie (1 Serving)

Get able to cease being afraid of cinnamon in terms of diabetes. That’s as a result of analysis suggests it improves blood glucose ranges (8)

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There’s extra to this smoothie than cinnamon. Right here is the flaxseed. A protected seed that helps diabetics to a sure extent (9)

Then ginger and banana… However inside limits. Let’s see, on the ingredient record, find out how a lot you need to use them.

Dietary Information

Energy: 110

Internet Carb: 14g

Whole Fats: 4g

Protein: 3g


Almond milk (0.8 cups)

Banana (1/2 extra-small dimension)

Plain Greek yogurt (1 tbsp)

Ginger powder (0.2 tsp)

Cinnamon (0.2 tsp)

Flaxseed (0.5 tbsp, floor)

Recipe – 5min prep time

Slice the banana.

Take the almond milk into the blender.

Add the yogurt, banana slices, flaxseed, powdered ginger, and cinnamon to the milk.

After mixing all of the components within the blender till they turn out to be puree, serve with out ready.

Backside Line

You might have discovered 5 completely different diabetic smoothie recipes you could put together in a really quick time.

In addition to being wholesome combos of fruit and veggies, they’re additionally straightforward to organize, refreshing and comprise simply the correct quantity of sweetness for diabetics. Take pleasure in!

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