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Visceral Fat & Diabetes: What Is It and How Do You Lose It?

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Visceral fats is one thing that plagues tens of millions of Individuals.

Nonetheless, many have no idea what precisely it’s, nor methods to lose it. 

Having excessive ranges of visceral fats will be dangerous for well being, together with having an influence on diabetes and coronary heart well being.

This text will examine the connections between diabetes and visceral fats and can summarize what you are able to do to lose visceral fats. 

Measuring tape wrapped around a red apple with weights in the backgroundMeasuring tape wrapped around a red apple with weights in the background

What’s visceral fats?

Visceral fats, often known as intra-abdominal fats, is fats deep contained in the stomach cavity. 

That is the form of physique fats that’s packed between the inner organs of the decrease stomach, together with across the intestines, abdomen, liver, pancreas, and kidneys. 

Visceral fats differs from the fats that’s just under the pores and skin, which is named subcutaneous fats.

Subcutaneous fats will be detected by gently pinching your pores and skin away out of your physique. 

It’s largely discovered across the hips, thighs, backside, and stomach. 

Nonetheless, visceral fats can’t be seen instantly from the skin—it’s present in and across the stomach and stomach.

Visceral fats ought to usually make up about 10% of an individual’s total physique fats. As total fats will increase, the quantity of visceral fats often will increase proportionally.  

Nonetheless, quite a lot of components may cause will increase in visceral fats past the degrees that will be anticipated.  

An extra of visceral fats is named stomach weight problems.  

Having an excessive amount of visceral fats will be harmful to your well being.

Does sugar trigger visceral fats?

Whereas many meals and behaviors can contribute to an extra of visceral fats, sugar consumption is certainly a big issue.

A 2020 examine printed within the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology discovered {that a} weight loss program that included added sugar and sugar-sweetened drinks was related to will increase in visceral fats.

The examine discovered that consuming 50 grams or extra of added sugar per day was related to larger volumes of visceral fats, along with larger physique mass index (BMI) scores.

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It additionally established that consuming sugar-sweetened drinks was correlated with larger volumes of visceral fats in addition to higher quantities of fats discovered across the coronary heart. 

Should you’re making an attempt to lose visceral fats, contemplate avoiding meals which have added sugar or refined carbohydrates. 

What’s the fundamental reason for visceral fats?

A calorie imbalance and poor weight loss program are the primary causes of extreme visceral fats and stomach weight problems. 

Added sugar, sugar-sweetened drinks, refined carbohydrates, and calorie-dense, fatty meals are main contributors to a rise in visceral fats. 

A sedentary life-style contributes to visceral fats as a result of extra energy are coming in than are going out. Your metabolism tends to sluggish with out constant train.

Different secondary components are additionally vital contributors.

Not getting sufficient sleep, and being beneath an excessive amount of stress for a chronic time period additionally play a job within the physique storing extreme visceral fats. 

Identical to acute stress, sleep deprivation will increase the extent of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your physique. This in flip will increase how a lot visceral fats the physique shops. 

Overly processed meals, unhealthy hydrogenated vegetable oils, and trans fat are additionally seemingly culprits. 

How do you eliminate visceral fats when you have diabetes?

Analysis has discovered that visceral fats is a main determinant of how a lot insulin resistance an individual experiences. 

Analysis additionally hints that having an excessive amount of visceral fats is related to each kind 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

Extreme visceral fats may also lead an individual’s physique to have extreme inflammatory responses, which may have quite a lot of detrimental well being implications. 

The stomach weight problems that comes with having excessive ranges of visceral fats can be implicated in excessive ldl cholesterol, excessive blood sugar (hyperglycemia), coronary heart illness, hypertension, and a better threat of stroke.

Due to this, many medical suppliers will advocate that individuals with diabetes attempt to scale back extreme visceral fats if they’ve it.

Happily, folks with diabetes can scale back the quantity of visceral fats of their our bodies. Some nice first steps to take are:

Eat a nutritious diet

Watching energy is vital, however so is including protein (notably lean proteins) and fiber, particularly from greens, beans, and legumes. Restrict or get rid of trans fat, added sugar, sugar-sweetened drinks, refined carbohydrates, and overly processed meals. Add wholesome fat like additional virgin olive oil.

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Add extra motion 

Exercising persistently for not less than half-hour every day makes an enormous distinction. Cardio actions like jogging and resistance actions like weightlifting each assist to burn energy and lift your resting metabolic charge.

Drink sufficient water

Staying hydrated is vital and helps to cut back thirst that is perhaps in any other case quenched by unhealthy choices like sodas or extreme alcohol.

Get extra high-quality sleep 

Getting sufficient sleep is vital to retaining stress hormone ranges in a wholesome vary.

Handle stress ranges 

Extended durations of stress can have many detrimental results, together with inflicting the physique to carry on to extreme visceral fats. Respiration workout routines, getting out in nature, meditation, or taking a break with associates or household will help to handle stress hormones.

Hold blood sugars in vary 

Along with the myriad well being advantages of staying in vary, folks typically really feel higher if there aren’t too many excessive or low blood sugars, which means it’ll be simpler to remain on monitor with different well being objectives.

Does metformin scale back visceral fats?

Many individuals with diabetes will probably be prescribed the oral drug metformin. 

Metformin is used to assist hold blood sugar ranges decrease, predominantly in individuals who have kind 2 diabetes or prediabetes.

A 2017 human and animal examine discovered that taking metformin did assist to cut back visceral fats quantity in some circumstances.

Since then, quite a lot of research have confirmed that taking metformin as prescribed will help people who find themselves obese or overweight to drop extra pounds.

The best weight-loss advantages for folks taking metformin come after they have additionally integrated extra moderate-intensity bodily exercise and made wholesome dietary modifications on the similar time. 

Should you’ve been prescribed metformin or an analogous drug, it’s vital to speak together with your physician or medical supplier to get steering about making vital modifications to your weight loss program or starting train.

What meals burn visceral fats?

Should you’re making an attempt to burn visceral fats, it’s a good suggestion to cook dinner as many meals at dwelling as attainable. This provides you extra management over components and portion sizes.

Whether or not making meals at dwelling or going out, there are a handful of meals that assist the physique to shed extra visceral fats.

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Some nice meals to think about embrace:

Legumes and beans

Beans and legumes are excessive in protein and have decrease web carbs as a result of they’ve loads of fiber.

Salmon, sardines, and different fatty fish

Along with being an incredible supply of protein, the excessive ranges of omega-3 fatty acids present in fish are recognized to be wholesome and are hypothesized to assist scale back visceral fats.

Darkish leafy greens

Greens like spinach, chard, and kale are nice sources of micronutrients and fiber.

Fermented meals

Consuming fermented meals is an efficient manner to assist the physique scale back extra visceral fats. It’s because they will help assist the intestine’s microbiome. Intestine well being performs a key function in metabolism and the storage of fats.

Avocado and additional virgin olive oil

These are more healthy sources of fats than refined vegetable oils and processed trans fat. These wholesome fat are satisfying and simple so as to add to a weight loss program.


Nuts are good sources of protein, wholesome fat, and fiber – all vital to burning visceral fats. However keep in mind that just a little goes a great distance, as nuts are dense in energy. 

Spices, garlic, onions

As vital as they’re for taste, spicing meals and including pungent flavors like garlic may assist to cut back extra visceral fats, enhance cardiac well being, and enhance intestine microbiome well being.

It’s vital to experiment and see what works finest to your physique, your vitality, and your blood sugar ranges. 

A nutritionist and your medical supplier may also assist to guage what dietary modifications are secure and useful to your objectives.


Visceral fats, often known as intra-abdominal fats, is fats deep contained in the stomach cavity. 

Everybody has some visceral fats. 

However an extra of visceral fats, often known as stomach weight problems, will be very harmful to an individual’s well being. It’s related to coronary heart illness, hypertension, and insulin resistance. 

Visceral fats can be related to prediabetes and sort 2 diabetes.

A calorie imbalance and poor weight loss program are the primary causes of extreme visceral fats and stomach weight problems. Having a weight loss program with an excessive amount of refined sugar can be a threat issue.

There are advantages to decreasing extra visceral fats, and folks with diabetes can struggle visceral fats by means of a mixture of modifications to weight loss program and bodily train. 

Metformin is hypothesized to assist burn visceral fats, nevertheless it seems to be best when taken together with a nutritious diet and constant train routine.

Lastly, there are meals which are recognized to assist burn visceral fats. Cooking at house is an effective way to make sure these meals get integrated into your weight loss program.

With the data and methods discovered on this article, you possibly can lose extra visceral fats and higher perceive the connections between visceral fats and diabetes.

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