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Reverse prayer yoga pose: Benefits and how to do pashchima namaskarasana

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The reverse prayer yoga pose works particularly in your arms and stomach. Listed here are the advantages of pashchima namaskarasana and how you can do it.

Reverse prayer yoga, also called Pashchima Namaskarasana (or Parshva Namaskarasana), is a pose by which you be part of your arms behind your again. That is an upper-body strengthening pose that targets the arms and stomach. It additionally focuses in your shoulders and wrists. Plus, it aids in burning arm fats by firming the muscle groups. It’s an especially useful yoga pose for individuals who spend lengthy hours sitting in entrance of a laptop computer. Among the best issues about this yoga pose is that it may be carried out at your research desk or whereas utilizing a laptop computer at your workplace desk. It’s also nice to do away with stress and stress because it helps strengthen your again and shoulders. Let’s discover ways to do reverse prayer yoga and what are the opposite advantages of this yoga pose.

What’s the reverse prayer yoga pose?

This pose is an upper-body strengthening pose that works for the stomach and arms. There are quite a few names for the Reverse Prayer Pose, together with Penguin Pose, Pashchima Namaskarasana, and Viparita Namaskarasana. It’s a variation of the Tadasana that works particularly in your arms and stomach.

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Reverse prayer yoga pose
Reverse prayer yoga pose is nice to cope with neck and shoulder ache. Picture courtesy: Adobe inventory

4 advantages of reverse prayer yoga

Listed here are a few of the potential advantages of reverse prayer yoga:

1. Aids in digestion

The shoulder actions promote digestion by opening up the chest. Along with enhancing your respiratory, they help bodily well being and metabolism.

2. Helps to strengthen the tendons

β€œThe shoulder motion is especially useful for these with carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist ache because it strengthens the tendons in your wrists. Doing this simple yoga reverse prayer pose will enable you keep away from hurt to your wrists if you end up typing even 300 phrases in a single day. The extension will trigger quite a few acupuncture factors on the wrists to change into lively,” says Yoga Professional, Dr. Hansaji Yogendra.

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3. Reduces neck and shoulder ache

The shoulder motion relieves stress within the shoulder muscle groups, relaxes the shoulder blades, and reduces ache within the neck.

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4. Retains stress at bay

The pose may enable you relieve stress and calm an anxious thoughts. This simple asana will enable you relieve stress at work or residence as a result of a relaxed thoughts results in a relaxed physique. It may well help in attaining concord between your physique, thoughts, and spirit.

The best way to do reverse prayer yoga or pashchima namaskarasana?

Here’s a full information on how you can do reverse prayer yoga, as defined by the professional.

  • Step 1: Start in a snug seated place on a yoga mat, along with your backbone straight and legs prolonged in entrance of you.
  • Step 2: Gently heat up your shoulders and wrists by rotating them in round motions.
  • Step 3: Attain your arms behind your again and try and convey the palms of your arms collectively. Begin by bringing the again of your arms in direction of one another.
  • Step 4: Goal to convey your arms right into a prayer place behind your again.
  • Step 5: Make sure that your elbows are pointing upward and never splaying out to the edges. This helps in sustaining the alignment of your arms and shoulders.
  • Step 6: As you pull your arms nearer collectively, elevate your chest and unfold your shoulders. This train stretches your shoulders and chest.
  • Step 7: Focus in your breath. Inhale deeply to broaden your chest, and exhale to calm down into the pose. Preserve sluggish, managed respiratory all through the posture.
  • Step 8: Maintain reverse prayer yoga pose for 20-30 seconds or longer, relying in your consolation degree. Really feel the stretch in your wrists, forearms, and shoulders.
  • Step 9: Slowly launch the pose by bringing your arms again to the entrance of your physique. Shake your wrists and shoulders to launch any stress.
  • Step 10: Should you want to deepen the stretch or practise the pose additional, you possibly can repeat this pose after a brief break.
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Observe: Should you expertise any ache or discomfort, particularly within the wrists or shoulders, ease out of the pose.

Who ought to keep away from doing reverse prayer yoga?

Folks with low blood strain or these with arm or shoulder accidents are suggested to chorus from practising reverse prayer asana, as this yoga pose includes bringing the arms behind the again, which can exacerbate current circumstances. All the time prioritise your security and seek the advice of with a healthcare skilled to keep away from dangers.

reverse prayer yoga pose
Do reverse prayer to take care of general well being. Picture courtesy: Adobe inventory

Finest time to carry out reverse prayer yoga

You may practise reverse prayer yoga within the morning or night earlier than starting your health routine. This can enable you open up your physique and enable you change into extra versatile.

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